Hasta que me muera y despues

(O los evangelios de las hermanas Schmmeling)

By Octavio F. Islas Gastelum
Published on LatinoLA: March 17, 2005

Hasta que me muera y despues

Opening scene from the play Hasta que me muera y despues (O los evangelios de las hermanas Schmmeling). Making its premier May 28th in Mexicali B.C.

MARLEEN :...It?s.. it?s tough.., but that?s how it is, asi es alla, that?s how it is over there, at least here you know I can do the maid thing and it?s alright, I got no problem being the maid, because if I was back home, si todavia estuviera alla pues?well I just aint getting no work, but here, it is the land of opportunity (se rie) I can play a hindu, just put a dot on my forehead, and that?s it, cause maybe I am one, got the skin tone, pero alla, over there, even if I look like one I still couldn?t get the role, that?s how fucked up Mexico is, it?s in denial of its browness (se rie) but what?s even more messed up, lo que esta, de la chingada is these white Mexican girls, que se dicen morenas, they say oh i'm not white, i'm a morena, im brown, cabrona de donde,obviously compared to conan, but put her next to any lady, cualquier indita selling chiclets or sowing bracelets, de donde eres morena, and they get offended if someone thinks they?re white, cause for them the only white people in the world are the gringos, in their minds the only people that are officially from the united states are white people, blond and redheads, if you?re white and got black hair, you are not a gringo, you?re okay, estan bien, Mexicans don?t hate you?, blacks, jews and chinos are not gringos to a Mexican either, they are blacks, jews and chinos, that?s it, that?s what they are, but what they are not is gringos?, and a Mexican born in the United States is not a gringo, blacks, jews and chinos, no es gabacho?now?a Mexican born here, es un cabron que no sabe hablar espa?ol y se cree gringo pero no es, he?s not, he's just a?fucker who?s Spanish is shit and he believes he?s a gringo, but he?s not, just cause he was born here that doesn't take away the burro and nopal de la frente. Doesn?t matter that you were born here, educated, grew up?, The donkey and the cactus are like the nails on Jesus Christ to every Mexican that is born or lives in this country.

About Octavio F. Islas Gastelum:
Octavio F. Islas Gastelum is a Butcher, Father and Writer living in an axis of Mexicali-Los Angeles-Tijuana. http://matandomusas.tk

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