The World in Here is Mine

A path without shine

By Jose-Gabriel Almeida
Published on LatinoLA: April 11, 2005

The World in Here is Mine

The world out there seems sublime
The world in here is mine
A dug out canoe takes me on a journey
Down a river of no return
I am not certain where I am
How I wish I might
Inspiring as it may be
Light of day remains a mystery
The world in here is mine
It is time to look to at the sun
In a new light
My previous knowledge of it
Guides me along
Otherwise I will be like others
Where I used to belong
The world in here is mine
Days ago, I looked in the wrong place
In the eyes of a stranger
Out to find my face
Now I find my expressions
Through the sight of my hands.
The world in here is mine
Moving scenes from days ago
Rush through my head
I straddle two worlds
Mine and the sublime.
The latter, an awe-inspiring
And early mirage
The former, oddly beautiful
And downright sad.

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About Jose-Gabriel Almeida:
Jose-Gabriel Almeida is a professor and a writer. Addressed any comments to jojocne99@yahoo.com

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