El Diablo Rides the Red Line

No one dared to look at him except el chamaco

By Fanny Garcia
Published on LatinoLA: April 15, 2005

El Diablo Rides the Red Line

I walked through the double
Doors of the Red Line train
And caught site of El diablo
looking back at me

His large majestic wings
covered the Metro doors
blocking my escape
His face painted red
And his eyes piercing my
Sinful soul
I know who you are he seemed to say

No one dared to look at him except
El chamaco who slowly crept up
And asked el diablo if he was Batman
No he told the kid
Soy el diablo
his piercing eyes dancing
As if to say, I know who you are

El ni?o walked back slowly and
Hid behind his mother?s skirts
He is el diablo mami, he whispered
And giggled cautiously
Just in case

El diablo waved goodbye at his stop
Come see me he yelled back
I do a show on the corner of
Hollywood and Vine

My sinfoul soul relaxed and I
waited for my stop

About Fanny Garcia:
Fanny J. Garcia is a writer, actor and activist who grew up in the San Fernando Valley but now lives in Los Angeles. She can be reached at fgarcia@eastlarep.com

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