Illegal Honduran Face

Sagrario's story

By Fanny J. Garcia
Published on LatinoLA: April 27, 2005

Illegal Honduran Face

Sagrario del Carmen Gonzalez Gonzalez
crosses the U.S./Tijuana border
she hides in a tire
and hears the
footsteps sloshing
in the rain covered ground
the helicopter
and she shrinks further
into the rubber
her curly brown hair wet
it will not hide
her illegal Honduran face
waits hours before coming out
a woman passing gives her a towel
the kind woman gives her a job
and says
you should learn to speak English
so you can hide
your Honduran smile
a year later
that smile is accompanied
with bleached blonde hair
and English with a heavy accent
but still the language of another
she marries a gringo
O, the coveted gringo
becomes naturalized
still with her bleached blonde hair
that cannot hide her illegal Honduran face

About Fanny J. Garcia:
Fanny J. Garcia lives in Los Angeles and can be reached at fgarcia@eastlarep.com

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