Confucius and El Chapulin Colorado

The Red Grasshopper

By Valeria Berumen
Published on LatinoLA: May 3, 2005

Confucius and El Chapulin Colorado

Originally on LatinoLA.com published May 3, 2005

OK: I couldn't help myself the creative juices were flowing and YES, home alone on a Saturday night :)

So, EL CHAPULIN COLORADO (RED GRASSHOPPER) is a character from a Mexican TV sitcom by the same name. He is a superhero. However, a funny one, an underdog. He is one of those guys that lives by Murphy's Law-kind of like the Greatest American Hero, but much cooler, born not made. Anyways everything that can possible go wrong for him does go wrong but it all works out in the end? WOW!!!!!! (just as in life; I think) Things usually work out in the END!

Anyway, here is why this character is so very profound: The name alone says it all, like a proverb by Confucius or something Red Grasshopper? This is like a red dragon but a mini version of one, just as powerful but small at the same time ... insignificant lets say. But with patience it all works out, just like the saying goes: "Patience, Grasshopper." El Chapulin never looses faith that things will go right for him. It's bound to be the Good must prevail over Evil it is the natural order of things.

OK, his powers are very simple he has "El CHIPOTE CHILLON" which translates to The Crying Hammer. it is made out of rubber from him not to harm, and when he hits someone with it all it does is paralyze them for a short period of time - nothing more than a lapse in time - that is all that a real hero needs, just give him a break and he?ll figure things out! See nothing to really alter time or space, just a short lapse and he actually has to do the work himself moving the bad guys from one room to another or switching out their guns for bananas or tying shoe laces together. Simple things, child's play, but it works... All he does it changes smaller details, but details that make all the difference in the world sometimes. I personally would much rather be looking at the end of a banana in my face than the end of a 22 caliber pistol.

His other power is that he can take a caplet and make himself small to the size of a grasshopper. Imagine that; not being bigger, not being stronger, not being able to launch fire or spikes from his body, not being able to fly, but actually being smaller and less powerful... it's kind of humbling isn't it? But becoming less is more in this case; more powerful. Again, very Confucius-like of him, becoming little and insignificant actually makes him powerful. He is able to go into keyholes, hide in cookie jars, hide in a pockets of coat jackets, etc. But the point is, he is able to go unnoticed; undetected. That is profound.

He has two tag lines: One is "Siganme los Buenos" which translates "to follow me the good." So, basically he says if your not with me you are against me. He declares his stand and holds it. His arch enemies are the one that stand before him in a particular moment and time. They are not life-long rivals; he is not that hateful. His enemies are the EVIL, the bad guys of each situation. He goes case by case. That's cool, too, because life-long arch-rivalry gets gray. I mean, come on, the good cannot always be good, I mean not all the time and the evil cannot always be evil, I mean not all the time.

So, when he declares "Siganme los Buenos" that is the moment he allows the BAD to repent. That last opportunity to be good!!! To follow the good. They usually don't. It's human nature and people do as they must and sometimes you must be a badass or nothing will suffice. "To error is human" hmmmmm....

In the end when, he solves the problem or saves the damsel he says: ?íNO CONTABAN CON MI ASTUCIA! it translates to "They did not count on my astuteness!" Imagine that, when someone thinks you so insignificant that they reduce you to nothing and still you triumph because they never counted on your astuteness? Hmmmmmm

The creator of this character was Chespirito, and I say the man was a genius, and most of us; at least I have never grasped his astuteness and profoundness till this very moment. I just thought it was a funny show. I grew up on it and loved it very much and I love it still!

About Valeria Berumen:
What can i say? OK I am a superhero living in LA and live under a disguise as a writer, mother of two, and HIV prevention advocate... Seriously here to enforce a balance...Sazzz!

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