The Unforgiving Trinity

The mother, the perp and the victim

By Fanny J. Garcia
Published on LatinoLA: May 17, 2005

The Unforgiving Trinity

kneel down to pray
the mother, the perp and the victim
the trinity they said
would save us
he admitted his mistake
and prayed and even cried
but the next night he was in her room again
so what exactly is remorse and regret
and repentance if you ask
for forgiveness from the one up above
and the sinner returns to his sin
doesn?t he get tired?
This so called GOD
of forgiving but the sinner crafts
the sin over and over again for years
twelve long years
of praying
for the devil with the face she
recognizes in the dark

About Fanny J. Garcia:
Fanny J. Garcia is an actor, writer and activist living in Los Angeles. She can be reached at fgarcia@eastlarep.com

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