Election Day

A relentless campaign for L.A. mayor comes to an end

By The Angelino
Published on LatinoLA: May 17, 2005

Election Day

Turn out will be low. Seeing the way Hahn and Villaraigosa campaigned relentlessly to the very last you wouldn't know it.

This election for what it is worth, will be historic if Hahn fails to win a second term. Not since 1933 has an incumbent mayor of Los Angeles failed to get a second term. And for Villaraigosa, Los Angeles will have the first Latino mayor since the late 1870's. This indeed will be something to see.

I had an opportunity to work with the Hahn campaign early on. I was flattered that the Mayor himself called me and asked me for my endorsement and support. Unfortunately, no other candidate called me. I was so impressed that the mayor of the greatest city in the world called me that I jumped on his team. As they say however, haste makes waste.

When I got closer to the campaign and I met some of the staff, I soon began to realize why the press said that the mayor had a disconnect with the people of Los Angeles. I joined with enthusiasm and motivation to help mayor Hahn win a second term. My enthusiasm turned to heartbreak as I learned more about the mayor and the way his staff treated people. There was an arrogance to his staff, that suggested they did not have a thing to worry about and as a result they ran their candidate that way. This was a reflection of Mayor Hahn. And when they got desperate they got ugly.

I began to distance myself from the campaign. My absence hardly mattered. I will not go into details.

Keep in mind however, I did not endorse a candidate via this blog throughout this entire campaign.

Not that I am a barometer of the masses, but what I felt toward the mayor, so leaned Los Angeles. I too feel the need for change and I feel that this change is exciting for Los Angeles.

Villaraigosa will win by 3.5 to 4 points.

I hope that Villaraigosa looks to make the many Los Angeles commissions more diverse and make the a reflection of the multi-ethnic and socio- economic population of Los Angeles. Stop the appointment of political cronies and friends, put real Los Angeles citizens on the commissions. Let Angelinos in on the decision making process. This will show true change. I do hope this change is for the best. Los Angeles deserves it.

Get out and vote!

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