Support the Troops Not the War

No color lines when it comes to death

By Oscar G. Rosales USMC (retired)
Published on LatinoLA: May 22, 2005

Support the Troops Not the War

War has destroyed many civilizations and affected us all in one way or another. Since 9/11 many who enlisted in the military could not foresee that when they pledge allegiance to the American flag and swore to protect this country, war was just around the corner.

As a former Marine, I made the choice to join the ranks of many other Latinos who joined the military. I know that some joined for the college money, the experience, or the challenge. While others pledge to protect the United States. Whatever the reason, the mission is the same. Being part of the military is a big responsibility and it involves a great deal to form one of the worlds finest.

Yes troops are dying and the color lines - well there are no color lines when it comes to death. I do not know what war is or what a gun battle is like. Reason being I joined during peace times. I give these servicemen and women of all races credit for their sacrifice; for their protection.

I have been asked many times if I were called back to active duty, will I gear up for war. I may not support this war or accept war in general, but I have a duty not only because I were a Marine but because I live in this great country. I am proud to have served and even more proud that Latinos are represented on the front lines.

Bottom line we all shall respect our opinions. The troops shall not be looked down upon because of their dutyy to protect and fight. Until you know the meaning of picking up a rifle and aiming head on to an enemy, then you can state facts versus just assumptions.

About Oscar G. Rosales USMC (retired):
26 y/o Salvadoreno from Los Angeles, CA 1st BATTALION, 3D MARINES USMC(retired)

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