A Serious Case of Writer's Block

But despite its intensity, was cured by a powerful intervention.....

Published on LatinoLA: June 6, 2005

A Serious Case of Writer's Block

Going through the motions of day to day deadlines, bills, shocking news reports and headlines of violence, sometimes its hard to find solace...... And as hard as it is to get out of the rat race, I un-clutter myself via beautiful music flowing through a Cyber connection to the world.......

Most seek tranquility other ways but my favorite is logging onto the wonderful selections played on ChicanoExpress because I know CrazyChuy and Frankie Firme always aim to please....

Intriguingly, there is a sincere connection between Chuy, Frankie, our Raza and those exceptionally talented West Coast performers - I truly believe we?ve all been sprinkled with a hint of romanticism that allows us to touch each others soul........ Mmmm, just listening to those pleasurable melodies through my ear piece - Makes me yearn to reach out and pack my bags and take a one way trip to West Coast Paradise.

Feeling extremely mellow...... the soothing sounds of Rocky Padilla and Frankie?s dedication to me and my reason for living (Mario)..... had my heart pumping out of control... And let me tell you - if you aren?t touched by the smooth selections on ChicanoExpress and the delicate vocals of these artistic performers, you must be either numb or dead. Especially Geree?s sensual compositions... they send off a feeling of holding your main squeeze oh so close and taking off on a ride to the moon...... Then again, who needs the stars and the moon when you have the beautiful sounds of West Coast music on ChicanoExpress. It?s like Heaven on earth and an angel riding by your side.....

With a smile on my face, as Paradise comes through the net....... Peace once again rests in my soul and just as quick..... that ole writer?s virus leaves my body and awakens the depths of my existence.......

With deepest gratitude and respect for two of OUR MOST PRIZED POSSESSIONS Frankie Firme and CrazyChuy - Thanks to them, my days make a difference!

To Rocky Padilla, East L.A. Revue, Satisfaction, Emilio Castillo, Steve Salas, Geree, Eileen Benavides and all those outstanding artists that soothe my soul......Con todo respeto - You?re absolutely remarkable!

To Abelardo thank you for your display of affection for your Gente by providing this forum.... To all the guests of LatinoLA.com...... Keep the love flowing and your hearts expressing....

About DHOC:
Die Hard Onda Chicana..... enjoying the sweetness of the day and absorbing the best things in life....... maryanngonzalez@lycos.com

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