Don't Endorse Weak Agenda

An Open Letter to Baldwin Park leaders regarding Danzas Indigenas monument

By Alisha M. Rosas
Published on LatinoLA: June 11, 2005

Don't Endorse Weak Agenda

Dear Mayor Lozano and Baldwin Park City Council Members:

I hope this letter finds you well.

I must admit, I write this letter with hope that it is read. I am Mexican American, active in my ethnic community and also attended the counter protest against the Save-Our-State members on May 14th in regard to protecting Baldwin Park's Commuter Rail Station
"Danzas Indigenas" monument.

I am a college graduate. I vote. I provide this State with tax dollars that contributes to it being a productive society and today, decided to write this letter to each of you while you struggle as a leadership team to decide what to do. Although, I am not a resident of
Baldwin Park, I traveled to your city to stand up against a group that appeared to randomly select your city to demonstrate its (in my opinion) scapegoating agenda.

My letter is to ask you to be strong. Please know in your hearts why that monument is there. As educated political figures in your community, I know that you know that the monument depicts nothing but artistic freedom - a symbol of freedom of speech - and nothing more. Those that call your city one that depicts "anti-American" values should be silenced by you leaving the monument as it is - it represents the rights they claim to value. Freedom of expression is a form of patriotism.

I cannot imagine the number of letters you receive pulling and tugging you at both sides. In a world in which everything has a political swing - please do not fear your community. They will vote for consistent candidates - please do not let an organization take over and change what a city has displayed proudly for years.

There are always people who think they are changing things for the better. In this case, I hope that you realize that this group of people are motivated with a combined power of blaming others and anger, which will take your city nowhere. If you are curious to the
reasoning of that statement, spend about three minutes on the Save-Our-State website, especially reading the postings by its "loyal" Americans. It made me cry today.

This weekend, I wish you peace and no stress. And on June 25th when Save-Our-State organizers litter your streets and brown activists and families do what we can to fight back against an oppressive voice that never appears to tire - I ask you to please be strong. A young woman in Upland is thinking of you - hoping that chaos ceases in your city and that Baldwin Park does not submit to any angry organization's demands and/or ultimatums.

May you remember these words... I truly hope they were helpful to you in any way.

In Strength for a Peaceful Tomorrow,

Alisha M. Rosas

Image - copyright 2002 - Judith Baca

About Alisha M. Rosas:
Alisha M. Rosas believes that the world is good. She knows it could be better - but she refuses to accept that the way it is now is any one particular group's fault.

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