Keep Informed!

What can you do to help Self Help Graphics & Arts???

By Ruthanne Tarletz de Molina
Published on LatinoLA: June 30, 2005

Keep Informed!

Studio Ave 50 was over-flowing Tuesday, June 28, with attendees at the meeting where the Board of Directors of Self Help Graphics and Art spoke, listened to artists, art oranization leaders and community members concerns and offers of help and tried to answer the questions posed by the artists. Since Mark Vallen was there, something soon should be appearing on his web blog at Others recorded and/or took detailed notes. Though I attended, I'm not one who did that and so am not reporting any specifics about the meeting.

There is a yahoo group where you can keep informed on the artists community concerned about SHGA: An artists' coalition has been formed and you can become a part of that group. Information on the next meeting, currently scheduled for Saturday will be available on the yahoo group site.

If anyone has any helpful ideas to be directed to the board of directors, the board of directors can be contacted at:

The meeting started with a sage prayer to set a positive tone, but the anger of the artists could be felt in the room. Once artists began asking and getting some answers to their questions, the atmosphere began to change to one of "and now that we know these things, what needs to be done next, what can we do next". Though not all questions were answered, the meeting ended on a more positive note than it began.

Become part of the solution. Join the artists' coalition. Send positive ideas to the board. SHGA began as artist run organization. Somewhere much of the artistic input got lost after Sister Karen's passing. It is time for the Chicano artistic community to again be directly involved in SHGA. What you contribute is up to you. Many who will read this have been touched by SHGA. Now is time to touch SHGA with the talents that you have.

A response to a letter from that coalition (that can found at the group site), should shortly be posted on the SHGA website: This information will help answer many of the questions of what is happening.

When there is no information or disinformation, rumors abound. Become informed and help SHGA solve its challenges.

About Ruthanne Tarletz de Molina:
RuthAnne is a local artist/jeweler who received, with her partner, Eduardo Rocha Soto, an LA Treasures Award in 2003 & 2004 for their preHispanic Mexican jewelry. Most weekends she can be found selling her cultural/symbolic jewelry at Venice Beach.

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