What Happened to the Middle?

Thoughts on talk radio from a liberal Republican

By Alberto R. Marrero Salas
Published on LatinoLA: July 18, 2005

What Happened to the Middle?

First of all, so no one has to guess, I am a liberal Republican. My dream ticket in '08 would be Rudy Guilianni and Condi or vice versa.

I am a ?girlie man Republican/? I believe that it is unconstitutional to not allow gays to marry. Although my personal beliefs on abortions pretty much follow the teachings of the LDS Church I believe in the legal (not moral) right to abort within the first trimester.

I believe that this country needs immigrants and immigrants need this country. I believe that there has never ever been a greater, freer, kinder country than the USA.

I believe more in the right to arm bears than the right to bear arms. I believe that even though I have some differences with him, George W. Bush is a decent God fearing man.

So with that said, let us proceed to the following...what happened to the middle?

Talk's on the right ....on the left ...but what happened to the middle?
Listening a few days ago to John Ziegler on KFI 640 AM I heard him rant and rave about the fact that Proposition 187 was struck down and not allowed to become the law of the land.

Well Mr. Ziegler guess 1982 in Plyer vs. Doe the Supreme Court found that the 14th Amendment to our CONSTITUTION prohibits states from denying free public education to undocumented immigrant children regardless of their immigration status.

The Court emphatically declared that it was unconstitutional to create a permanent underclass by denying free public education. The Court also stated that school systems were not agents for enforcing immigration laws regardless what the cost may be of educating those children.

Mr. Ziegler, the Constitution prevents a monstrosity such as Prop 187 from becoming law. The Constitution...ever hear of it? All of us have a debt of gratitude to attorney Peter Schey who successfully argued that position in the Supreme Court.

There are immigration attorneys and then there is Peter Schey. I am honored to have worked at times with Peter Schey.

The John and Ken show on KFI is a joke. I cannot believe that sponsors such as ASI insurance, Ruben's Mexican Grill, Home Depot, Lowe?s advertise on that show. There is a hatred for Mexicans spewed on a daily basis on that show.

When an intelligent spokesman from the Bush administration comes on they are shouted down. I remember that about three months ago a woman (can't remember her name) came on the show. She was talking about a guest worker program and how immigrants were necessary to a number of industries.

John, the bigger idiot of the two yelled at her that the Mexicans were taking jobs that should be done by Americans and that the only reason that Americans didn't do those jobs was due to the low wages, wages depressed by illegal aliens.

She then proceeded to ask John if he would be happy if his son became a field worker even at $50 per hour.....John then proceeded to shout her down and not allow her to talk.

Bush stated that, ?There's a better way to enforce our border. And one way is to be compassionate and decent about the workers who are coming here to the United States. ?

For those reasons Bush is pictured as an agent for the Mexican government promoting illegal immigration. Bush is pictured with a sombrero and a sarape on a number of hate group sites such as American Patrol.

They went nuts when Bush and Condi Rice called the Minutemen vigilantes.

According to the experts on the John and Ken Show, Bush is pro-immigrant because he grew up in Texas and that in Texas, Mexicans are part of the culture, like cactus being part of the landscape.

One of their favorite guests is Congressman Tom Tancredo (Tancreepo) who had his house remodeled by a bunch of undocumented construction workers. Apparently his strategy was don?t ask don?t tell. This way you get a good deal. Tancredo is persona non grata at the Bush White House.

Now let us go to the left. KPFK, Noticiero Pacifica, and Enfoque Latino. The Cheech and Chong of commie radio.

This is a news show that is supposed to present unbiased reporting. And who do they trod out? PEDRO MARTINEZ PIRES of Radio Habana Cuba. An unbiased reporter?

In truth he is a lackey, a hack of the communist government of Cuba. God forbid he should actually do some reporting. He would be jailed immediately. All real reporters are either in exile or in jail in Cuba.

In reporting about the war in Iraq there is a perverse pleasure in reporting the number of American casualties in Iraq. Everything that is wrong is the fault of the United States.

They "deplored" the terrorist bombing in London but put a PERO in the next line and of course it was the fault of W. Vader and the American Empire.

I was shocked when they did not blame Bush for the hurricane that hit Cuba.

Why are these Latinos here by choice if this country is like Nazi Germany and W Bush is Hitler? In Spanish we call them malagradecidos and arrastrados. If they hate this country, let them go back home. No one is forcing you to suffer at the fascist's hands of this country.

You can go to countries that are governed by your heroes. Cuba, Venezuela, ooooh but wait, of course there you would be poor. Better to put up with the monster Bush as long as the dolares caigan en la billetera. Did I hear someone say "Sell out?"

Let's make room for Mexicans and Central Americans crossing the dessert risking their lives or Cubans and Haitians braving the journey as a balsero with a good chance of becoming shark food. Risking their lives for just a shot at the American dream.

To the whinners, malcontents and malagredicidos I say good bye and good luck. As that old Mexican song says, "Que seas feliz, feliz, feliz."

And by the way, don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.

In the days of my youth Air America was dedicated to helping the Hmoung in Laos resist the NVA.

Nowadays, Air America means left wing radio. And left wing it is. It's not quite as bad as Cheech and Chong on KPFK. At least they don't have the chutzpah to refer to a Radio Habana spokesperson as an unbiased news reporter.

On a Sunday, I heard Dr. Firpo Carr discussing the King Tut exhibit and how progressive groups were all going to boycott the exhibit. It seems that they were angered as they claim that Tutankhamen was black

The subject of black Pharaohs is not new. During a number of occasions Nubians from Southern Egypt and the Nuba Mountains (from what is now the Sudan) invaded and conquered Egypt. They are depicted as being black.

Many paintings, wall frescoes, show blacks hunting, ruling, paying tribute to Pharaoh.
So if Tut had been black he would have been depicted as black.

Historians agree that he was the son of Akhenaton and his second wife Kiya. Akhenaton established the first monotheistic religion. He worshipped the sun (Aton) and did away with the hundreds and hundreds of Gods that were part of the Egyptian religion.

Tutankhamen?s original name had been Tutankhaten, (Son of Aton) but at some point the old gods with their priests were reinstated and he changed his name to Tutankhamen (Son of Amen).

In any case both parents of Tutankhamen were both depicted as being non black. An expert guess then went on to say that the Mesopotamians were also black. The Babylonians, the Chaldeans. the Assyrians were also black.

Now in the sense that they trace all humans to a female in Africa (the real Eve) we are all then all black. But the Chaldeans! The Mesopotamians!

Oh well there?s always Art Bell?.anyone for alien abductions, chupacabra, the yeti or cattle mutilations?

What ever happened to the middle?


Thank you Latino LA.....Abelardo is on the cutting edge...from the far left...from the far right....from the middle...everyone has a voice....Latino LA is more than a web site...Latino LA is Latino thought, Latino expressions, Latino Soul. This page is what we were, what we are and what we will be.

Gracias to Latino LA!!!!!

About Alberto R. Marrero Salas:
Alberto Marrero Salas: Cuban by birth, American by Choice.

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