In memory of my nephew Jake

By Guadalupe Aguilar
Published on LatinoLA: May 15, 2002



There is blood on our streets. There is no peace. There is a war out there and no one is winning. Innocent lives lost, young children caught between the bullets. Boys with guns, guns that kill dreams, shatter lives, cause so much pain. Too many young people dying, too many families suffering, too many mothers' crying for their children.

Too many guns out there, too many kids pulling triggers, too many tragedies to count.


There is no peace on our streets. Walls are "tagged", one name crosses out the other. The tension heats up, anger explodes, bullets fly, blood oozes once again.

Another child is dead. Another name to add to the list.

This war on our streets from East L.A. to South Central to Highland Park, it's all the same. Every day a young person is killed. Every day a mother loses a child. And every day the war on our streets starts all over again.

Our youth are our future and our future is dying for a name, for a corner, for a senseless war. And this war has no winners, no losers. Only a trail of tears and broken dreams. One life is taken for another life and the next one.

There are too many names to list, too many families torn apart and too many mothers' crying for children taken too soon.


When will there be peace on our streets?


It is time to stop the violence, time to stop the war, stop the killings.
It is time for...


About Guadalupe Aguilar:
Guadalupe Aguilar: "I have been writing since I was 13 years old. I write about experiences in my life and life around me. I enjoy writing, it is my therapy. This piece is dedicated to my nephew, Jake, who was killed at age 17."

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