A Thousand Miles

I am from the escape route I carved in my dark green 1974 Volkswagen Bug

By Fanny J. Garcia
Published on LatinoLA: July 22, 2005

A Thousand Miles

I am from a bus ride taken on the dusty and
unreliable roads of Tegucigalpa to the colonia
with the homes made from scraps of wood, laminas
and other items that will do the job

The bus driver flirted with the pretty girl in the cheap
but pretty blue dress

The daughter of a single mother and a father
already married

I am from the mother of my mother who gave
away her six daughters because her husband wanted a son

I am from the frilly, red and white uniform I wore to
La Escuela Benito Ju?rez in Tuxtla, Guti?rrez

I am from the oppressing heat of the San Fernando Valley
And the hard, cold and boring benches of the
Apostolic Church in the Faith of Jesus Christ and
the hymns I could not sing with a beautiful soprano voice

So I memorized bible verses about David and
his concubines and the betrayal of Jonah towards
God and his three day journey into the belly of a whale

I am from the three times a week church services
with sermons full of condemnation and goblets of spit
from the preachers mouth

I am from the mother who loved a man so much she
sacrificed her daughter

I am from the six day trip from Chiapas to Tijuana by way of
the cold waters of the Pacific

I am from the strong arms of the coyotes who wrapped me
in their warm chamarras and hid me when the lights
of the helicopter washed over my pale brown skin

I am from the pretty pink and blue and yellow and green dresses
my mother made because we were too poor to shop even at Pic N? Save

I am from the escape route I carved in my dark green
1974 Volkswagen Bug with the back window broken
and a dent on the left side of its rusted body

I am from the journey of a thousand miles but never arriving at a home

About Fanny J. Garcia:
Fanny J. Garcia is Managing Director for East Los Angeles Repertory Theatre Company and is an activist, actor and writer living in Los Angeles.

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