Out of Hand

What the @#%! with all this Graffiti!!!!

By Oscar G. Rosales
Published on LatinoLA: August 14, 2005

Out of Hand

I know Graffiti is everywhere and anywhere in Los Angeles County. Lately I have been seeing it in areas where you wouldn't think of an inch of paint is seen on streets or buildings.

Recently some artists or muralists (whatever their title is) were restoring murals off the 110 North and South and in the 101 (101 & 110 meet). What pisses me off is that days later and even now there is all this graffitti covering them! It took a great deal of time and money to restore these murals and here comes someone who wants the world to know who they are scribbling their creative but in destructive way name or clique. I know I shouldn't be complaining but its just getting out of hand.

I wish the law permitted as a form of punishment to whoever gets caught tagging have their house and car tagged up by the victim(s) to include repainting the area(s) where they destroyed property. Maybe this way they will learn next time not to tag on public or private property. Unfortunately the law of today can only protect the victim(s) to a certain extent. Just a thought I wanted to express.

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