The Wonders of the Mind

The things love make you do

By ~ DHOC ~
Published on LatinoLA: August 14, 2005

The Wonders of the Mind

Going through my day listening to music, it has been said that music is a form of stress reliever, many ill patients have been given music therapy and statistics show that somehow music is a natural ingredient for the soul... and I am a thorough believer...

Listening to Natalie Cole's "Our Love" gosh the meaning of her words make my mind absorb itself in total rapture.... Ring.. Ring.. my office phone begins...

DHOC: Hi baby, what you doin? Do you miss me already?

At 8:15am, I wish I were home all snuggled instead of working on these dreadful deadlines..

MyHoney: You know I do baby, I woke up and all I had beside me was the pillow where your pretty head laid.

DHOC: Awww baby... what did I do to deserve you...

MyHoney: I just called to see how you were feeling, since your stomach was a little upset last night, I just wanted to see if you needed anything.

DHOC: No, that's okay (while humming "Our Love" by Natalie Cole.

MyHoney: Seems like you're feeling better, what are you listening to?

DHOC: Our Love on Natalie's Greatest

MyHoney: You tend to listen to that one quite a bit, we'll have to have a back up in case that one goes bad, wouldn't want you to have a heart attack if it gets scratched.

DHOC: (Laughter)

MyHoney: Okay then if you're okay, I'll let you get back to work...

DHOC: Okay, Luv you.... (mmmwwaaah)

MyHoney: But if you need anything call me okay.

DHOC: Okay (still humming "Our Love" tune) I'll call you later.

MyHoney: Okay, I love you more baby....

Making DHOC melt like usual.....

DHOC: (*sighing* and thinking) Gosh, I'm so lucky....

Hanging up the phone, she's so into her man, she continues humming but louder.....

Her fingers on the keyboard....... bring up another word document and out of nowhere, these words begin.... For those who know the power of writing, sometimes you can't understand where words just come up.... and DHOC begins to write a poem....

Titled: My Love, You Are and So I?ve Become....

Our love is like... a new born flower

It blooms, it shines.... through every endless hour

Searching and sharing.... each other we found.

A love so wide.... and simply profound

You are my life..... the air that I breathe

I cherish the hours..... I just can?t believe

We sense each other.... at times quite so much

We care, we love.... our souls simply touch

Full of love and kindness.... and so much passion

support, fulfillment, respect.... and compassion

More than words to describe..... or can be imagined

How we became one.... and how our hearts fastened

Our lives together.... now and forever will be

A symbol of faith ..... on what to perceive

For all that have searched.... and somehow foresee

A lifelong dream..... and fulfilled destiny

Authored from my heart for my love,
~ Mario Gonzalez ~

Excitedly she finishes it and prints it out..... and says, I'll give it to him tonight, all it needs is some of my perfume and some pretty stationary.....

AND OFF TO WORK SHE CONTINUES...... Humming the tunes coming from her headset....

About ~ DHOC ~:
DHOC simply sharing.... Life, happiness, and the things love makes you do... maryanngonzalez@lycos.com

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