Se?or Madrid Pineda's Love Has Run Away

They wish him well in front of his humble porch

By Fanny Garcia
Published on LatinoLA: August 18, 2005

Se?or Madrid Pineda's Love Has Run Away

Senor Madrid Pineda?s love has run away
To the States they tell him she?s gone astray
The pain of a lost love falls on his face
Like the rain that so often pours in the
the country he adores

For years he searches for her in the pueblo
Where the legend says that fish fall from the sky
This only brings him desolate hours of regret
?Porque te fuiste mi amor? ?Y cuando volveras?
Are heard throughout the night

On every door he knocks looking for his love
And all he hears is, Senor, she?s gone.
She will not return and we do not know where she resides
To forget her he is cautioned
Chinguen su madre cabrones he tells them all
?No saben que chingados es el amor!

His search comes to an end when he enters
A marriage where he does not love
But his eyes still search for the love that ran away
He searches in the streets of New Orleans
Where Hondurans are said to abound

His love is not in Miami or New Jersey or New York
Senor Madrid Pineda returns to his home
To search for his love on the faces of those
Who with their, Buenos Dias and Buena Noches
Wish him well in front of his humble porch

Twenty-five years later a young woman knocks
And says, do you know who I am?
Senor Madrid Pineda looks on the girl for only a second
And says, you are the one I made with the one I love
And over her shoulder finds the love that ran away

About Fanny Garcia:
Fanny Garcia can be reached at fgarcia@eastlarep.com

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