To Tell a Story

Teacher filmmaker seeking support for indie film

By Louis De Barraicua
Published on LatinoLA: August 26, 2005

To Tell a Story

USC Award-Winning Writer/Director Louis A. De Barraicua is seeking support from the Latino Los Angeles Community to produce a 90-minute film entitled "Uncredentialed." The film is based on true events of his first year as a teacher in South Los Angeles. Louis has made 10-minute, 17 minute and 30-minute short films in Spanish and English, which have earned top billing at the Silverlake Film Festival in Los Angeles (2004) and the Sacramento International Film Festival, as well as other smaller festivals he was invited to as a result of showings at Silverlake and Sacramento International Film Festivals.

The film is an edgy urban comedy/drama with compelling characters. Most of all, this is a film about what it takes to be a good teacher in South Los Angeles today. The film has many laugh-out-loud, as well as poignant moments. It was a very tricky story to tell, but after like fifteen drafts, the script is pretty solid, suspensful and captivating.

In fact, it has made it through the readers of a couple of well-known production companies that have resulted in lunches with production companies. Obviously, the situation wasn't optimal, but the film will be shot on a 24p HD, and the writer/director is looking for about $89,000 for basic expenses like paying producer, some people to edit, do music, crew, food and marketing expenses.

This money is not to pay the writer/director. This film will be profitable because of its common experience with school, teachers and being in a classroom. Also, the film has limited locations, and should be logistically simple. The story is great, compelling. The risk could be is if the director doesn't cast the film well, the performances aren't good ... but with three films behind him, this director has evidence of compelling storytelling.

This the writer/director's tenth script. If he had his choice, he'd cast Salma Hayek as the lead.

serious inquiries contact: Louis De Barraicua


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