Classic Films on DVD

Warner Home Video releases The Holy Girl, Mambo Kings, and more

By Brenda Salas
Published on LatinoLA: August 31, 2005

Classic Films on DVD

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, Warner Home Video will release a variety of critically acclaimed, award-winning Latino films on DVD. The titles offer a wide range of genres in Spanish with English subtitles, which include La Ni?a Santa (The Holy Girl), an HBO film from acclaimed writer-director Lucrecia Martel and produced by Spain?s leading director, Pedro Almodovar.

The Holy Girl poignantly captures two teenage girls as they adjust to their growing sexuality and religious passion. La Segunda Noche (The Second Night), produced by Televisa, it was the third-largest box office grossing local production ever in Mexico and is a comedy about the trials and tribulations of teenagers in Mexico. From the catalog of Venevision International, the Miami-based entertainment company from the Cisneros Group, comes D?as de F?tbol (Soccer Days), a comedy about seven friends who form a soccer team and find life is never what it seems. The film was winner of The 2004 Goya Award (Spanish Oscars) for best actor (Fernando Terjero), and received four total GOYA nominations. Nos Miran (They?re Watching), a psychological thriller about a police officer investigating 20 years of disappearances, which won the 2003 Fantasporto ?Critics Award? in Portugal and the Goya Award for Best Cinematography. Santos Peregrinos (Holy Pilgrims), A wacky, bawdy whodunit set in a Mexico City apartment, starring renowned Mexican actress Carmen Salinas and the comedian and host of the wildly-successful late night talk show Otro Rollo, Adal Ramones. During its Mexican theatrical release, Holy Pilgrims outgrossed ?Bridget Jones Diary: Edge of Reason.?

Additionally, Warner Home Video will also release ?The Mambo Kings? for the first time ever on DVD, which will include an additional scene not shown in theatres, Director?s commentary and a behind-the-scenes featurette. All titles will debut September 6, 2005 and will be available everywhere DVD?s are sold. Warner Home Video brings you the best in high-quality contemporary Latin American cinema as well as the best English-language Latino themed films.

The Mambo Kings (1992)
In his first English-language film, Antonio Banderas and Armand Assante star as Cuban musician brothers who take America by storm. Performances by Latin artists inlcuding the late Celia Cruz and Tito Puente, plus Linda Ronstadt and Los Lobos provide a sensual intoxicating soundscape. Special features include an additonal scene not shown in theatres, behind-the-scenes featurette and Director?s commentary. Based on Oscar Hijuelos Pulitzer Prize novel The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love, the film was stylishly directed by Arne Glimcher (Just Cause).

La Ni?a Santa (The Holy Girl):
An HBO film created and produced by Spain?s leading film director, Pedro Almodovar, The Holy Girl is set among the crumbling Argentine Hotel Termas where a medical convention is being hosted. The film poignantly captures the lives of two teenage girls, Amalia the daughter to the owner of the hotel and her best friend Josefina, as they adjust to their growing sexuality and religious passion. After an encounter with the respected Dr. Jano, a physician attending the convention, Amalia confides in Josefina that she is going to deliver him from sin. After submitting to her wishes, nothing is worth the evil it causes. The Holy Girl was the official selection at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival and was written and directed by award winning director, Lucrecia Martel (La Ci?nega). The Holy Girl was an official selection of the 2004 Toronto International Film Festival and the 2004 New York Film Festival.

D?as de F?tbol (Soccer Days):
# 1 Box office film in Spain. A comedic romp starring Fernando Tejero, winner of Spain?s prestigious 2004 Goya Award (Spanish Oscars) for Best New Actor, Soccer Days celebrates the power of friendship. Antonio, an ex-convict and amateur shrink convinces his pals that the best way to overcome their midlife crises and lack of success with women is to reassemble their old soccer team and win something in life, even if it?s only the local championship. Soccer Days stars Natalia Verbeke (Dot the I, Son of the Bride; 2002 Oscar Nominee for Best Foreign Film) Alberto San Juan and Pere Ponce. The film also won the 2004 Cinema Writers Circle Award, and was nominated for 4 Goyas for Best Editing, Best New Actress and Best New Director.

Santos Peregrinos (Holy Pilgrims)
An irresistible comedy starring Mexican comedian and host of the widly-popular late night talk show, Otro Rollo, Adal Ramones and Carmen Salinas (Aventurera), Holy Pilgrims is about what happens when the residents of a Mexico City apartment building discover that three religious figurines passed down through the decades from Emiliano Zapata are full of solid gold. Tempers fly, libidos flare and no one merges unscathed, including viewers overcome by a heavy dose of hilarity in Holy Pilgrims. The film also stars Ernest G?mez Cruz, Ariel (Mexican Oscars) Award winner and a Havana Film Award winner for Best Actor in El Imperio de la Fortuna. He also won Arieles for El Callejon de los Milagros and El Cr?men del Padre Amaro.

La Segunda Noche (The Second Night)
Directed by Alejandro Gamboa, The Second Night was a box office hit in Mexico, ranked as the #3 all-time hit among Mexican-made films when it was released.. The Second Night tells the story of four teenage friends (Iran Castillo, Mariana Avila, Fracesca Guillen and Sherlyn Gonzalez) exploring the grey area between sexual attraction and responsible behavior-and just where love fits in. Between rocky family relationships and dalliances with potentional boyfriends, it?s quite a balancing act for an adolescent. Recently, the sequel to The Second Night, titled ?La Ultima Noche? (The Last Night) was theatrically released in Mexico.

Nos Miran (They?re Watching)
Nominated for the prestigious Goya (Spanish Oscars) in 2002 and winner of Portugal?s Fantasporto Critics Award, They?re Watching is a supernatural thriller in which a detective investigating the strange disapperance of a businessman uncovers evidence that the living aren?t alone. His discovery that thousands of persons ?each with a terrible hidden secret- have similarly vanished raising questions that are as hard to answer as they are disturbing. Starring Carmelo Gomez, Iciar Bollain, Manuel Lozano, Massimo Ghini, Margarita Lozano and directed by Norberto Lopez.

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