Las Maras .... Misguided Youths

A social problem that needs to be solved with understanding, rationality

By Juan D' Aquisto
Published on LatinoLA: September 2, 2005

Las Maras .... Misguided Youths

All decent progressive people have to condemn the governments of Central America for their fascistic attitude towards certain misguided youths.

In particular we condemn the rightist Arena Party and Tony Saca in El Salvador for their primitive and punitive approach to a social problem that needs to be solved with understanding love and rationality.

Maria Orellana walks in the office. She is here legally under the TPS program approved by the Nazi George Bush. She needs to apply for advanced parole in order to travel to and return legally to the United States after traveling to El Salvador.

Her reason for going to El Salvador? To bury her son. Her 14 year old son who recently had a birthday was killed by members of MS 13 for a pair of Nikes that his mother who works cleaning homes had sent him as a gift.

We must condemn the fascist Arena Party for its policy of ?Super Mano Dura? against these homies whose only crime was to be misunderstood, mistreated by their parents, society and of course the Bush Administration.

San Martin, San Salvador. Juan Melendez age 19 father of Carlos Eliseo Melendez born in San Martin on the 28th of July of 2003 goes to his work ridding a bike. He is approached by four poor misunderstood misguided members of MS 13 who proceed to shoot him in the head in order to rob him and take his bicycle.

After shooting him in the head as he lay there dying they casually walked away with his bicycle.

At the hearing Mauricio Vastro ( El Caballo) Alexis Rivas ( El Velorio) testify as how they shot him in the head stole his bicycle and just merely walked away with no remorse in a very matter of fact way.

Later the wife of Juan Yesenia Perez Fuentes is forced to flee El Salvador as our naughty boys escape from prison and seek to kill her.

Again we must condemn the government of El Salvador for its regressive policy towards our wayward youth. We should give them work training and sing Kumbaya with them. And of course we must condemn the Bush Administration.

Jose Sanchez, Salvadoran a highly successful local businessman in the San Fernando Valley. With little formal education selling pen sets and appointment calendars door to door he invests the little that he has in his own business.

Through hard work, sacrifice and fierce determination he now owns a Salvadoran restaurant (Pupuseria) a para legal service and distributes energy drinks throughout Southern California.

His mother who lives in Guatemala is being threatened unless he pays $500 to the 18th St. gang in Quetzaltenango his mother will be killed.

He pays the $500 to the misguided and poor victims of misunderstanding and proceeds to have her hide.

He tells me that all the people in that "Colonia" pay 200 Quetzales a month to the 18th St. gang in order to be allowed to work. If payment is not made the person is killed.

This is about 20% of what these people earn on a monthly basis.

Again we must condemn the governments of El Salvador Guatemala and Honduras for their insensitive policies against the youth of their countries. And of course we must condemn the Bush administration.

In Honduras 2004 due to the fact that the Bush administration did not provide YMCA activities to the local youth the MS 13 gang boarded a bus and 28 people were robbed and killed.
This was the largest massacre in the modern history of Honduras.

So in the final analysis all progressive people must condemn the governments of Central America as they have misunderstood, alienated and provoked the rage of the youth in those countries.

And of course we must also condemn the fascistic Bush administration who if at fault or not must be condemned by all progressive peoples in order to be able to maintain a claim on their progressiveness.

About Juan D' Aquisto:
Juan D'Aquisto: Santa Tecla, El Salvador proud to be a U.S. Citizen. Naci en Santa Tecla. Arenista. Orgullose de ser ciudadono de los Estados Unidos pais que nos ayudo en mantener nuestra libertad en contra de los comunistas.

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