Llegando de Cuba.....

The arte tropical of Jorge Valdes

By Cecilia valdes
Published on LatinoLA: September 10, 2005

Llegando de Cuba.....

My father Jorge Valdes, came from Cuba with just a bag full of clothes, and a head full of ideas. Once he stepped foot on American soil, he knew he was finally free. It was June 8th 1971. It was sunny and bright in Miami, Florida.

"Nothing could ever compare to Cuba," he always said, "because America is the land of opportunities!" He was free to become someone successful, someone with a passion to succeed and most of all someone that would reach all those goals throughout his lifetime.

My father grew up in Havana, Cuba. By the age of five he was already starting his sketches. His mother knew he had some kind of artistic talent.

Once he arrived to Miami he knew he wanted to put in his part for society. He went to college, got his Bachelors degree and became a teacher.

My father taught Spanish for 25 years. He finally got his acceptance as an art teacher. Once he became more knowledgeable of the language he taught English to students in Los Angeles.
Throughout the 25 years of teaching, he continued his passion for art, fantasies, and true life experiences. He began to sculpt, paint and inpire.

My father's art began to be well known in the Latino community. He started having local exhibitions, festivals, and finally got his own website at http://www.JorgeValdes.com.

He has his dream fulfilled, a wife that has supported him, and children who followed the art. My father's tropical art is appreciated throughout many different cultures, because through his eyes we are all equal.

About Cecilia valdes:
Cecilia valdes
age 22
fullerton CA.

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