Living Life on Life's Terms

...And all he wants to do is dance!

By Frankie Firme
Published on LatinoLA: September 3, 2005

Living Life on Life's Terms

So...bad news has crept into your life all this year, huh? You think change is in the wind?... So what else is new?

...all I can do is play the music and dance. What else can I do?

The War in the Middle East continues to rage on, despite the gag on the American media that has almost diminished the war to a occassional occurance, unlike Viet Nam...and we're still losing our brave young people...hence, a significant part of tomorrow, by any account, at the whim of a President who didn't want any part of yesterday when it was his time to step up to the plate.(It's out of my hands!)

The price of gas has cut deep into the poor and middle class like a hot knife through warm butter or manteca, while the Oil Companies report massive profits like never before. Like a lot of Gente, I've quit smoking because cigarettes (and good yesca) are a cost I'll just have to do without, as well as my hitherto regular morning splurges at Starbucks, Krispy Kreams or Winchell's. I haven't had a Breakfast Jack & papas in a couple of weeks, as I'd rather be able to afford the gas to work & back. (Couple of home made tacos de "leftovers supreme" now work for me!) Somebody's livin' large off my dollars spent at the pumps, and I hate when that happens.

Despite all the chest puffing and feather flashing politicians do, the scurge of alcohol & drug abuse, child and woman abuse, unemployment, educational & school shortages/shortcomings, and Corporate greed continue to take it's toll on my Gente...while the chosen powers that be refuse to admit they're in over their heads and need help outside their sphere of influence. (Nothing worse than ignorance, ineptitude and inexperience at the top, que-no?)

The price of owning a home has more than quadrupled since I bought my first one. I sadly have to admit that my children and grandchildren may never get a slice of the American empenada...the word "may" being my only miniscule glimmer of hope, as I'm currently short a couple million at the moment.

This year's Tsunami really screwed up somebody's vacation plans for Cancun and the Carribean...bummer, huh?

And now, the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina has given everybody outside of Louisiana a chance to step back, catch a breath, deal with astonishment and disbelief on their own terms, and contemplate their lot, while "counting their blessings"...as it may be.

There! I've said it! ?Que mas puede dicer? Now, let's play some music and dance! I'm bored with bad news already!

In reponse to some e~mails I have received asking that I quit "...frivolously writing about positive experiences, feelings and people in the entertainment field, start dealing with today's issues, and take some journalistic responsibility in presenting the real world to the Gente"...

(No shit! 2 people who are probably taking up "Subversive Communist Arrogance & Stupidity 101" actually wrote that to me! Sheesh! some others are too stupid to quote

...I say "who the hell voted me or LatinoLA in as subversive leader and headquarters,
and who gave you the right to make that vote & appointment?!!!"

While I can almost take some appreciation that somebody felt we should be elevated to a higher level of public significance, I can't see exploiting victims and bad news as a means of accomplishing somebody's political agenda, and using this website as the vehicle and means. That's Journalistic Terrorism! (Wow! That just came to me!)...somebody else will have to start your revolution, dudes, I've had mine, y no soy terrorista!

I can't see disrespecting the hard work and contributions of the Editor and the many fine contributing writers to this website, and turning it into some kind of cheap political gossip rag for over-the-hill spoiled adolescents who want to bitch about their world without taking the time to live in it (and who probably don't even have a job, either!) ...if you notice, I never name names in a negative light.

Too many good people read and appreciate the Art of Journalism practiced here.

I believe it was Benjamin Franklin (or somebody from his 'hood) who once said: "The purpose of true Journalism is to inform, educate, and entertain, occassionally creating controversy between opposing sides, which in turn stimulates dialogue and debate, which in turn breeds enlightenment and understanding...hence, the end result can only be cooperation and prosperity for all."

I heard that somewhere back in 1967, and I've quoted it ever since, maybe not verbatim, but often.

Whatever good or bad news arises, I can comment on it, and give you my take on it, and I take the jounalistic responsibility in taking credit for my comments or opinions as mine, and mine alone. (...as in "yeah, I said that!"...)

...and they ain't for sale, and I don't give them to just anybody!

So, if you're wondering why I'm not a radical political commentator or gossip columnist, now you know! (Too old to start wanting to be a politician or rock star, tambien!)

Too much fun living in my world, to share the shit of somebody else's, know what I mean?

...I play music and dance, hang with good Gente, write about it, broadcast it around the World, and I'm one lucky older vato!

omo digo yo: "it's a BROWN thing, baby!"...I welcome your response!

Frankie Firme
Land of 1000 Dances
Califas, Aztlan

About Frankie Firme:
When not on a literary rant, Frankie Firme spins the finest Oldies but Goodies & Latin Soul Music on the worldwide web on www.kclafm.com and www.chicanoexpress.com.
website: www.frankiefirme.50megs.com

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