Cry, Baby, Cry

What it is, is what it is

By The Ayatollah of Rock 'n Rolla
Published on LatinoLA: September 9, 2005

Cry, Baby, Cry

The United States of America is the only place on the Earth where racial issues are so presently abundant and occupy extreme amounts of time on radio and television. Well, in some respects, that is a product of our uniqueness.

I can personally testify that we have the largest racial, social, and economic melting pots right here in these United States, than anywhere else on the planet. With all the patience, understanding, sensitivity, and soothing we muster up to help continue this great society with order and harmony, we breed dissension, nationalism, individual pride, and of course, diversity. We have become cry babies. Cry, baby, cry.

I am writing of the now. Not 1964. Not 1972. Now.

I abide by all the rules and regulations. I ask please and return a thank you; open doors when appropriate; respect others; have served my country; and demand fairness. Got no gripes with anyone and don't want any smack either. Enough crying, please. Thank you.
Yes, the war sucks big time and changes need to be made. Go for it. Vote next time or write to your representative. We have a system and we must use it.

Gasoline is up to $3.25 a gallon. We are lucky that we are not paying over $6 a gallon as in other countries.

Now Katrina. A major natural disaster and the local and national responses were very bad. FEMA demonstrated a low sense of urgency and very reactive. We are not yet prepared to handle these disasters, or possible attack. And each disaster with its very own learning experience and gauges. Were we prepared for the 9/11 attacks? Did we respond well? Are we doing our part?

Why bash and blame one another? Is the President of the United States at fault or be held accountable? No, the President is not at fault and yes, he is the one to be held accountable. But, to bash and personally blame the Commander-in-Chief for the short comings is insane!

I was watching the news, while waiting for my vehicle to be serviced and saw this idiot rapper on TV say, to the effect, that President Bush hates Black people and that is why the FEMA efforts were so slow. What!?! Is that ludicrous or what? Well, piss on him and all who really believe that. They are using a national tragedy to rally some lame brain idea. And it gets worse. Now, a celebrity reverend has echoed that same sentiment. Well, that is not so, and I say that they be damned. A Monday morning racist, is what he is.
A cowardly terrorist act is what it is. The television network chose to cut his comment, when the program was broadcast here on the west coast. They stated something to the effect that, one individual's comments did not necessarily reflect or mirror the efforts that others were making. Well now the loud mouths are crying about First Ammendment Rights, Free Speech. Well. Let me say this to that - SHUT UP!

My right to: not hear, not listen, or not accept this "stankie crap" from anyone is just as appropriate and righteous. If you have the right to free speech, others have the right not to hear. I thank the television network for sparing us from one person's opinion. And especially an opinion that is recial in itself.

Cry, Baby, Cry.

The right to free speech is not the right to terrorism, racism, and down right annoyance. It is not the right to disrespect others. To demand an audience and insist that everyone listen and agree is inconsistent with the very foundation that the right is based on.

Americans have too many "rights" or the society is too ludicrous to understand that these "Rights" are for everyone. And stop using a national disaster to promote racism. I said it 'cause I am free.

I thank LatinoLA for this open forum. I welcome any response.

About The Ayatollah of Rock 'n Rolla:
Occasional writer who enjoys the LatinoLA site.

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