La Candidata Rockera

Why I am running for LA's 14th City Council seat

By Crystal Arceo
Published on LatinoLA: September 10, 2005

La Candidata Rockera

I am a 19 year old CHICANA, born and raised in the Highland Park, Cypress Park, and Mt. Washington area of Los Angeles. I started my college career this week at Mt. St. Mary's near USC.

I am very interested in helping my community and wrestle it away from lawyers and special interest.

When ANTONIO VILLARAIGOSA City Council seat became open I decide to run. I circulated my petition and received 1000 nominating signatures. I am the youngest OFFICIAL candidate on the ballot and EVER FOR A SEAT ON THE LOS ANGELES CITY COUNCIL. I am also the only LATINA.

But they are locking me out of the debates claiming that the only way I can participate & express my vision is by polling at least 20% of the vote. They think that they mock me by calling me LA CANDIDATA ROCKERA because of my age. I'm not ashamed of the music I listen to or the fact that I am young. But I also have a vision for my community from a young, intelligent, Latina's perspective and I believe that I can do the job.

I don't believe that you have to be a lawyer to notice or be aware of the needs of our community. But I have what they lack: Common sense and no ties to special interest all of my campaign funds have come from small donations as little $5.00. The size of the donations does not matter what matters is that you care. It's all about asking the people from your roots.

The only way for me to get my message out is to send out mailers and get my poll numbers up SO THAT I CAN DEBATE and compete with these lawyers. There are 87,000 registered voters in my district but only 30,000 vote on a regular basis. Postage alone for one mailing cost about $12,000 for 30,000 pieces to go out.

The City Of Los Angeles has a Matching Funds Program that if I can raise $25,000 they will give me another $25,000. So far between family and friends I have raised or have commitments for $5,000. BUT THE ELECTION IS NOVEMBER 8,2005. If I debate them or not, so what. I'll still go after them in my mailers.

My request is for you to send me a campaign donation and help me to achieve my $25,000 threshold. I'm struggling and need help from my RAZA. I want to win, and make a difference for my community. POR FAVOR AYUDENME !

SIGN UP TO VOLUNTEER: AT 323 259-4631 OR 323 271-6128 OR 323 276-0125


SEND DONATIONS AND Make checks payable to

ARCEO 2005
422 West Avenue 44
Los Angeles, California, 90065-3964.

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