Satisfyingly So

The Satisfaction Band returns to The Norwalk Ramada Inn

By Frankie Firme
Published on LatinoLA: October 9, 2005

Satisfyingly So

Once again, with no particular plans in mind, another work week under my belt, and the winds of Aztlan singing softly in my ear, I take to the road to search out Mi Gente in musical action...'cause sitting on the porch munchin' nachos just ain't my style!

With the Summer season now a warm memory, the kids back in school, and the Winter season knocking at the door, the fall season calls the Gente out, to fight the aging process with a deep trago from the fountain of youth that is music and dancing.

No better time than now to dust off the cool weather clothes, and get your boogie chanclas ready for whatever the Goddess of Ritmo may have denied you while you & the kids dealt with summer vacation...

For me, the action started last week at the Odyssey Restaurant Grand Ballroom in the San Fernando Valley, where the Crown Prince of Chicano comedy, Gilbert Esquivel, sold out and packed the house with his Old School Comedy and Music Revue Show, featuring hot Old School music and dancing, along with some of the funniest comedians in the Country. (www.eastsidecomedy.com). Music, dancing, and laughter...that's Gilbert! Homie always throws a party mas de aquellas!

The following week, with all the local places where that good looking, hip, and (slightly) over 40 Chicano crowd goes to all drawing crowds, the week end presented like a new menu at my favorite buffet...everything looking good, and it's taking me time to decide what my delight was to be for the night...

Thursday starts the week end off in L.A. for a lot of Gente. As usual, I kick it off with my weekly radio Show, The 2nd Time Around (Thursdays, 6:00pm, PST). Starting our 6th year on the World Wide Web, I never tire of Chicano music from the Land of 1000 Dances that keeps my people connected, smiling, and looking good! With over 2,000,000 hits World wide every week, I take pride in boasting "It's a BROWN thing, baby!".

Then, Rudy Moreno, another one of L.A.'s top Chicano comedians, hosts the "Joker's Club" at the Commerce Casino (Thursdays, 8:00 pm), where the gaming, food, drinks and laughs are the envy of Vegas.(www.rudymoreno.com)

Later on that night, SANGRIA, rocked the San Gabriel Valley at the Puente Hills Hop, where I'm told a standing room only crowd started their weekend in style, and danced the night away.(www.sangriaband.net)

Friday morning, my good friend and compadre, "Crazy Chuy" Hernandez, the Godfather of Tejano/Chicano Soul and I put on a Tejano music & Tribute to TIERRA show on his Chicano Express radio network (www.chicanoexpress.com) that garnered over 50,000 hits world wide, with listeners in places like Viet Nam, Europe, Japan, and the Middle East. We talked later on that evening, and happily agreed "IT IS...truly a Brown thing!".

That evening, another good friend of mine, music promoter Steven Chavez, invited me down to the world renowned BB KING's House of Blues at the Universal Citywalk, where his latest discovery, The L.A. Old School Rhythm Band, was performing for the Gente. With his powerhouses, The East L.A. Revue All Star Band and Cannibal & The Headhunters taking a break after exciting summer tours, Steven's new talent discoveries along with the L.A. Old School Rythm band include Santa Barbara's favorite son, Mr. Pepe Marquez, and the up & coming Night Flight 2.

Plans are in the works for that (much talked) about Chicano music concert I mentioned a couple of months ago, and now a floating "Chicano music party " (a boat cruise to Ensenada, Mexico) is being negotiated. Wow! Another guy who knows how to throw a party, this one on the water of the beautiful Pacific Ocean! You know LatinoLA and I will be there!!(e~mail: stevenchavez68@hotmail.com)

After much thought, and sorting through our many options (it's like that in L.A., know what I mean?), my Lady and I decided to cruise down to a place we haven't visited in awhile, the Norwalk Ramada Inn, to catch some friends we haven't boogied to in awhile, the pride of Southern Califas~ the one and only SATISFACTION, featuring the beautiful Eileen Benavides.

Dressing up and stepping out, my Lady and I joined a good sized and enthusiastic crowd of good looking L.A. Chicanos y Chicanas at the Ramada, where SATISFACTION is known to pack the house, this evening being NO exception.

As expected, the guys in the band looked sharp and ready for action in matching outfits, framing the beautiful portrait of the premier Diva of Chicano music de Aztlan that is Ms. Eileen Benavides.

With her million dollar smile, sassy stage presence, and a sultry voice that could probably end a war should intelligent minds meet, Eileen and the band effortlessly seduced the crowd and filled the dance floor by their 2nd song. My Lady and I were up there most of the night (as usual), and the band gave us an honor only dear friends could give, as they publicly aknowleged us, and wished my Lady Happy Birthday several times throughout the night. (My baby was smiling like she had new teeth!)

Opening the party mood with his hard hitting rendition of "Corazon Espinado", with master guitarist Chris Reserva backing him up with another one of his legendary guitar solos, which he always manages to add his own magic to, never sounding the same at any gig. This homie has got it, believe me!

Showing where Eileen, his beautiful daughter, got her musical inspiration from, Robert later "wowed" the crowd with a romantic, seductive version of the Midnighter's classic "That's all" , that had Gente smooching on the dance floor.

When brother Jimmy Silva hit that sweet sax solo...Ooooh!...No Lady on the floor had a chance of keeping her lipstick on, I ain't lying! (My lady was gettin' HER share of birthday kisses from her man, believe me!)

Going easily from musical genre to musical genre in both English and Spanish, with ganas and an original style that is unmatched in many of today's groups making the rounds in my part of the World, SATISFACTION once again proved why they are one of the heavy hitters in Southern Califa's club and dance circuit today.

With Ruben Martinez on keyboards, Ralph Orozco on drums, Jimmy Silva on sax & percussion, and Art Alvarado puttin' it down on bass guitar, all these guys move, groove and provide back up vocals, putting on a performance the way it's supposed to be done!

During the night I ran into Richard "Thee Mr." Duran and his Lady Pat, and member of the upcoming group Night Flight 2, Peter Jaramillo, gettin' their boogie on and having a good time time, along with a standing room only crowd for most of the night....gettin' satisfied by SATISFACTION!

Like all good songs and rides, this evening came to a pleasant end.

Ahhh...another start of another great week end in the Land of 1000 Dances that I call home...Aztlan!

...and I haven't even started my Saturday as I write this!

...who knows where Frankie Firme will show up next?

...wherever it is , was, or is going to be, you'll hear about it here, on LatinoLA.com!

for info on SATISFACTION: www.satisfactionband.com

and tell 'em you heard it from Frankie Firme

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