Things that Boggle My Mind

Why, why, why, why, why?

By ~ DHOC~
Published on LatinoLA: October 5, 2005

Things that Boggle My Mind

Why people don?t believe there are actually good people that don?t have ulterior motives.

Why Radio and TV has become so distasteful.

Why casual attire has replaced professional attire.

Why rumors spread so quick yet the truth is stopped dead in its tracks.

Why our country has so much money to spend on studying the breeding habits of insects yet our schools don?t receive enough funding.

Why the threat levels keep elevating, yet we can?t man our borders.

Why people insist on making a mockery of our country in plain view of the media.

Why you wake up so early on the weekends but you can?t wake up early enough to get to work on time.

Why people are so quick to judge but not quick enough to get to know one another.

Why some people have too much pride.

Why women choose to degrade themselves in a National HOOTERS pageant?

Why there is so much hate in our own communities when our country is at war with countries and natural disasters are becoming so prevalent.

Why people get mad at the long lines at the airport but complain about the threat imposed on our National Security.

Why we have a government agency that works to keep the illegals out but also a government agency that helps them become citizens and stay in.

Why greed takes over with the passing of a love one.

Why our children don?t have an identity (most think they?re African American).

Why there is so much murder, when WE aren?t even assured a tomorrow.

Why chivalry has become extinct.

Why a man THINKS he?ll die of embarrassment if a woman does not accept his invitation to dance? And for that matter, Why it takes a woman to invite a man to dance.

Why people insist on answering their phones on the dance floor.

Why people have forgotten the meaning of integrity.

Why disagreeing with someone gives people the ?we?re enemies now? mentality.

Why people insist you become a ?born again? christian when they need fixing themselves.

Why women have become so aggressive and so un-lady like.

Why women choose to dress in skimpy clothes when the best things are left to the imagination.

Why people lose sight of their heritage and don?t see the need to continue with traditions.

Why kids have become so loud and vulgar.

Why there is so much lack of respect for authority.

Why parents and kids have reversed rolls (the child says what goes).

Why people are so MATERIALISTIC and place those needs before their health.

Why good customer service has become a thing of the past.

Why drug lords and thugs are glamorized in music videos.

Why young girls sexually gyrate on the dance floor and insist on calling it artistic dancing.

Why people won?t stop buying gas guzzling SUV?s when the price of gas keeps going higher and higher.

Why people thrive on other people?s miseries.

Why we live in the United States of America where the mother tongue has always been English and U.S. Corporations are doing their best to cater to Spanish.

Why people insist on including you in their cell phone conversation.

Why we have so much technology yet people are still uninformed.

Why kids have become so lazy.

Why obesity has become one of the highest known death related causes.

Why someone rich almost always wins the lottery.

Why people have stopped cooking at home and eating together at the dinner table.

Why babies are abused.

Why scientists insist on cloning animals that all look the same.


Why DHOC gets an itch to write every other day :)

About ~ DHOC~:
MaryAnn Gonzalez ?DHOC? Simply relaying sentiments and satisfying her writer?s itch for today. maryanngonzalez@lycos.com

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