We'll Drink to That

Cabrito Tequila and Dulseda dulce de leche-flavored liqueur make their way to LatinoLA

Published on LatinoLA: October 5, 2005

We'll Drink to That

Two adult beverages for Latino drinkers...Cabrito Tequila and Dulseda liqueur...make their way to LatinoLA.

Cabrito Tequila, a Mexican icon since 1934, is giving tequila loyalists something to talk about. The buzz has begun and people are asking who or what is ?El Mas Cabrito de los?? The open-ended statement generates the desired answer.

Distilled from pure agave in Los Altos de Jalisco, Cabrito Tequila is made by Mexican artisans and is one of the best selling tequilas in Mexico. The Mexicans that know tequila, know Cabrito Tequila. Now the U.S. tequila lover will savor it too, with a straight up provocative image full of attitude and a bit of fun.

Eye catching and buzz generating images and phrases are provoking answers to the missing word in the slogan

?The Most Cabrito of the??. Playing off of the similarity of the word Cabrito to a favorite slang word used to connote the best, top notch, the ?baddest,? the ?hotshot,? Cabrito Tequila is attracting those in the know and look for the best agave. Distilled by master artisans from a family that has been doing it for 100 years.

?Cabrito Tequila is confident in its authenticity, heritage and quality so we are striking out from the norm for tequila marketing and launching this irreverent and fun approach. With all things Latino and especially Mexican cuisine influencing the food and beverage industry throughout the U.S., Cabrito Tequila is ready to continue conquering discerning palates in the U.S.,? says Alex Sobol, President of GenerH, Carbrito?s agency of record.

The entire spectrum of Hispanics and the general market want the best taste, and value, when they choose their spirits and when the best also gives them something hip to talk about, the product gains a loyal following akin to celebrity status. This is a new era in tequila enjoyment and Cabrito Tequila is taking the lead.

Cabrito Tequila is a value-priced 100% Agave tequila, also available in Blanco. Its label depicts a goat from the prestigious tequila highlands of Arandas, Jalisco, outside Guadalajara. Tequila Cabrito ranks among the highest volume premium tequilas sold in the 100% Agave category. Cabrito has a reputation for quality and affordability. Its slightly sweet flavor reveals hints of caramel and chamomile, extending into a medium-length finish. More at http://www.Cabritousa.com

Then, there's Dulseda, a dulce de leche-flavored after dinner drink.

No matter what you call it, manjar, arequipe or if you tasted it as cajeta, the mouth-watering taste is unmistakable. For many in the Hispanic world, the origin of their beloved dulce de leche has been a source of debate. Who invented it? Who makes it best? Many Latin Americans claim it as their own and the question of its origin remains unsolved.

Now Diageo, the world?s leading premium drinks company, has put an end to the debate with the national release of Dulseda, the first super premium creamy liqueur inspired by the taste of the traditional Latin dulce de leche − a sophisticated blend of select Caribbean rums and real cream. Not only was it conceived for adult Hispanics, but it was also created with input from dulce de leche lovers of all nationalities. Dulseda is available at select outlets across the country, offering adult Hispanics a new twist on their favorite indulgence.

Recognizing that Hispanics make consumer premium brands an integral part of their lifestyles, Diageo is excited to offer them this innovative, award-winning cordial. The reason is simple − Hispanics love dulce de leche and now they can enjoy a modern-day version of this timeless flavor with Dulseda, the delightful silky complement to those special after-meal conversations with family and friends.

?Diageo, leading the new wave of Hispanic products, has created Dulseda because we want to celebrate Hispanic individuality,? said Virginia S?nchez, Corporate Relations Vice President at Diageo. ?Even the design of the bottle, sophisticated yet approachable, was crafted to encourage adult consumers to bring the bottle to the table and have it become part of the after-meal sharing ritual,? she added. With various sizes to choose from (50ml, 375ml, and 750ml), it?s the ideal gift to bring to any dinner party, large or small, to enjoy chilled or on the rocks.

Hispanics already enjoy dulce de leche straight out of the jar, on bread, or as part of their favorite desserts. Now, with Dulseda, there is a totally new way to enjoy it. And given the increasing popularity of Hispanic flavors across a variety of consumer goods, Dulseda?s appeal will surely stretch beyond its Latin roots. Earlier, this year, Dulseda was awarded with a Double Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in the liqueur category.

?Diageo looks forward to Dulseda becoming Hispanics? signature after-meal drink,? said Kevin McLaughlin, Global Innovation Director at Diageo. ?This shouldn?t be hard to achieve, the hardest part is done: creating the one and only perfect liqueur specially developed with Latino taste buds in mind,? he concluded. Dulseda, el nuevo sabor de siempre (Dulseda,The New Timeless Taste). More at http://www.

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