Drunken Fool

Pablo Montero embarrases himself at mariachi concert

By Cassie Pavlich
Published on LatinoLA: October 17, 2005

Drunken Fool

Poor Pablo Montero, he's going to regret what he did the night he performed at the Mariachi Under the Stars in Rancho Cucamonga.

He performed with Mariachi Sol de Mexico, who were great, might I add, and gracious enough to put up with his horrible vocals and rude remarks during his performance.

They sounded great the entire night, but the minute Montero opened his mouth, I was embarrassed for the group.

In between songs, he would demand a shot of tequila, and then attempt to sing a song. This disaster went on for what seemed like F-O-R-E-V-E-R as people were booing him off stage, or worse, just leaving. It was soooo pathetic. I've never seen someone make such a complete idiot out of themself.

In order to get him off stage, they had to turn the microphone off and have the group leave the stage. He even had the nerve to take a guitar from one of the members of the mariachi and call his friend up to the stage and play it.

Once he finally got off stage, Mariachi Las Adelitas took the stage, and began to perform, but Montero wasn't finished singing yet. He had the nerve AGAIN to go back up on stage, and grab the mic out of one of the girls hand while she was in the middle of a song.

It was hilarious to see a grown man make a complete ass out of himself.

This entire time people were yelling obscene comments to him, and he it didn't faze him. As security was escorting him off stage, for a 2nd time, he felt the need to greet his fans, one by one. During this long process, he apparently was picking fights with people in the stands who were telling him he was a loser.

It was funny.

I can't wait to see the headlines about this one! It'll be great.

About Cassie Pavlich:
24 yr old girl, Covina, ca

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