A Couple of Weekend Highlights

Salsa under the stars; soothing sounds of wisdom

By Dena Burroughs & Marcus Vigil
Published on LatinoLA: May 23, 2002

A Couple of Weekend Highlights

Dancing Outdoors on a Beautiful Spring Night

By Dena Burroughs

Last Friday I attended ?Una Noche Salsera? organized by the Latino Business Students? Association (LBSA) at Cal Poly Pomona. The event was LBSA?s annual fundraiser, and its proceeds will go into scholarships, which will be granted to qualifying members of this Association.

I want to congratulate the LBSA for a great job. The set-up was fantastic. I can tell you, first hand, that dancing outdoors on a beautiful spring evening, on a nice dance floor, and to music as good as Johnny Polanco?s is every dancer?s heaven. LBSA should be very proud of their great turnout, and how smoothly everything worked out.

I had never heard Orquesta Guayao before, and although it took them forever to set up, their music was nice and made us forget the wait. Of course, the night?s hit and main attraction was going to be Johnny Polanco?s band. It was great to dance to the songs of his new CD ?Pa?l Bailador? in that awesome setting, right under the stars. I, always trying to make the most of each experience, had an autographed CD and a picture with Mr. Polanco by the end of the evening! (As an FYI: Polanco?s crew sell his CDs at $10 apiece when you attend his concerts, rather than the regular $17 you would pay at the music store.)

The dance contest was lots of fun, with such a nice group of good ?sports? participating. Congrats to my friend Enrique, and his partner Veronica, for winning first place by the way!

I also want to commend the UCLA?s Latin American Student Association?s salsa dance team on their performance. I can not say enough how pleasant it is to see the younger crowd maintaining and promoting our music and our dance.

All together, LBSA?s evening was a big success. A good time was had by all, young and not-so-young, and it is exciting to see our culture exposed with pride. As Johnny Polanco? song ?Baile de los Ni?os? goes: ??Y as? unidos bailaremos, con mucha fuerza y bondad. Hay que siempre presentar el folclore en el bailar, y as? nunca morir??'

Kudos to the LBSA for a job well done! I am here rooting for next year?s ?Noche Salsera?!

Potent Poesia: Non-prophet poets take charge

By Marcus Vigil

Last Saturday the organization known as the Non-Prophet Poets provided some thought provoking pieces of poetry at The Coffee Depot in Riverside. The group's name (which is spelled correctly) derives from insightful literature with the intent to challenge thinking without being prophetic. As one of the performers put it, "teaching without preaching."

The four performers, Everett Vigil, Mark Gonzales, Ame DeMayo and myself, voiced their moving words for the inaugural short film awards presented by Riverside Community College. The soothing sounds of wisdom enlightened the dimly lit room for just under one hour and the response they received from the crowd satisfied the souls of the performers.

One patron of the popular Riverside hangout stated, "We need more positive energy like this. Their poetry is incredible. I can't believe they wrote it." And this writer can't believe there aren't more events like this one.

About Dena Burroughs & Marcus Vigil:
Dena Burroughs is a LatinoLA Correspondent. Marcus Vigil is a poet.

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