The King Of The Light House

A fantasy world brought to life by writer and director Juan Carlos Malpeli, October 29

By Jos? Rodriguez
Published on LatinoLA: October 25, 2005

The King Of The Light House

The King of the Lighthouse takes place in Patagonia, south of Argentina, right after the war between Great Britain and Argentina for the Islas Malvinas (Falkland Islands).

Four young marines are sent to a lighthouse located in Cabo Virgenes, Strait of Magellan, for three months to control maritime traffic.

The old rusty lighthouse, surrounded by nothing but the desolate desert, has hosted many souls since its creation, and each soul has left something behind.

Now, it is managed by a man whose life is tormented by his past, until he meets the young guys.

Juan Mendizabal, our main character, becomes the connection between his mates and the lighthouse. By helping them improve their lives, he is able to discover a very special gift inside himself.

As a result, Juan creates his own fantasy world where penguins are the audience of his magical play.

Juan proclaims himself King of the Lighthouse. They will go through difficult and extraordinary times, and not only will they become very close friends, but their lives will be changed forever.

Writer & Director Juan Carlos Malpeli In 1985 Juan Carlos moved from his homeland Argentina to Milan, Italy where he studied at the Instituto Di Antropologia, obtaining a degree in theater direction, acting and set design. He worked as an actor in various Italian cities. For the duration of 1990, he worked for the famous movie studios Cinecitta. In 1991 he joined La Piccola Commenda, one of the most important theater companies in Milan, where he got the chance to write and act in his first play, Noemi, which was presented throughout Italy for three years. During that period of time, he wrote and produced Il Flauto Magico in Patagonia, Verano and Toska. Toska was produced by the Centro Cultural Argentino in Milan.

In 1994 he moved to Los Angeles where he studied at the Theatre Of Arts, graduating with honors. In 1996, Ms. Anna Strasberg awarded him a scholarship at the Lee Strasberg Institute in Los Angeles where he participated in many theater projects. Thereafter, he participated in many Hollywood productions as an Actor as well as a Set Designer. One of these productions was the well known movie My Brother Jack, directed by Anthony Caldarella, and starring Marco Leonardi (Cinema Paradiso & Like Water for Chocolate.) In 1997 he directed No Exit by Jean Paul Sartre, which was broadly recognized by the American public. The same year the famous opera singer Julia Migenes offered him to be in charge of the art direction of her show Diva al Borde de una Crisis de Nervios. This project took him to Mexico, Paris, London, Belgium and Monte Carlo.

In 2000 Ms. Anna Strasberg and her son David Strasberg hired him to form part of the Artistic Group "The Group At Strasberg," where he directed plays like Black Leather Soles, Before I Awake, Loonacy, Invisible Chairs, Midsummer Night's Dream, A Comfortable Truth, and the widely acclaimed Names, directed by Adam Davison- an Oscar winner. At "The Group At Strasberg" Juan Carlos has directed many plays: Toska presented for the first time in the United States, Ubu Rex, Medea and No Exit. In 2002 Julia Migenes asked him to write and direct a new show for her: La Argentina, an ode to the Latin American country. This show was presented for the first time at the Avignon Festival in France. It is now one of the most popular shows in Europe. In 2003 he directed La Voix Humaine (by Jean Cocteau) with Julia Migenes, presented in the famous Marilyn Monroe Theatre in Hollywood. The following year became the Art Director at the Lee Strasberg Institute.

Currently, Juan Carlos is working on his play The King of the Lighthouse. He forms part of the ARTISTIC team CRONOFIOS at MAS & MORE ENTERTAINMENT.

The Group at Strasberg is a new production company dedicated to illuminating the process of great work. The Group produces workshops and full productions for professional playwrights, actors and directors. Some of the past plays that The Group has produced have been Lessons by Wendy Graf, Names by Mark Kemble, A Bicycle Country by Nilo Cruz, and The Have-Little by Magdalia Cruz. Workshops have included Love Creates Worlds by Sarah Schulman, Dent by Tanya Barfield and Jose Gregorio by Patricia Cardoso. The Group at Strasberg recently produced a festival of three new Latino playwrights in association with the Mark Taper Forum Latino Theatre Initiative.

Mas & More Entertainment is an independent production company that specializes in developing and producing strong character-driven feature films that will appeal to both the domestic and international market.

Renowned writer and actor--and now a new upcoming filmmaker-- Miguel Mas created Mas & More Entertainment and simultaneously launched the company into the international arena with the production of Circulos, a magical story in which he writes: "In one voyage different circles are opened and closed which help to end one life and continue other." Miguel wrote and will direct this extraordinary Feature. The film Circulos reflects Miguel's desire to produce films that are entertaining, thought provoking, socially relevant and inspiring.

In 2005 the company will co-produce the play The King of the Lighthouse with the Group at Strasberg. The play is written and directed by Juan Carlos Malpeli. The company is also working on the development of Miguel Mas's creations called Trickle and a TV series Hollywood & Highland.

Having starred in a number of popular television series, commercials, movies and theater in his native country of Argentina, and Puerto Rico and Spain, Miguel is now living in the United States, where he created Mas & More Entertainment in 2002. The company made its debut by producing 2+2=5=1, a short film with a very low budget of $2,500, which he wrote and directed.

Mas & More's focus is to produce unique yet new spirited films that will interest all audiences, satisfy the cinematic desires of intelligent viewers who want thorough entertainment and want to be a part of the characters, and tell their stories in unique ways.

Being Latin-based, Mas & More is also in a prime position to address the film needs of the growing Latino population in America and in Latin America, which has a potential cinema audience of 400 million Spanish-speaking people.

Instead of going to the old group of writers and producers who give birth to the same storylines season after season, Miguel has put together a team that is determined to discover new acting talent, and writers and directors that promise new visions. "My goal is to be professionally involved in all aspects of filmmaking with some of the best writers, directors and actors in this fascinating science, who still remain unknown to the public," stated Miguel.

ACTORS: Jean Bernard Tenaille as ?Juan Mendizabal?, Gabriel Romero as ?Sub Oficial Ramirez, El Perro?, Alex Ruiz as ?Ricardo Alfieri?, Cesar Giraldo as ?Luis Baijt?, Luis Arrieta as ?Oscar Canosa, El Gringo?, Marian Zapico and Vivian Naciff.

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Donation: $10 per person

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