A Message of Cross-cultural Unity

Singer DeLon combines his Sri Lankan/Latin background to create an eclectic fusion

By Carmen Flores
Published on LatinoLA: November 11, 2005

A Message of Cross-cultural Unity

Although DeLon may be a newcomer in the music industry to some, his musical resume, which includes writing, producing professionally for artists, dee-jaying and competing, breathes experience and talent. He is now getting the opportunity he deserves with the release of his solo debut album entitled The Connection on his independent label Ceylon Records. The album, which is being distributed through the Warner/Elektra/Atlantic (WEA) label, contains lyrics in English, Spanish and Sinhalese and is representative of DeLon?s Sri Lankan/Latin background and a message of cross-cultural unity.

The Connection is a journey that chronicles the world travels of this multicultural artist spanning 33 countries. DeLon speaks of the familiar ?connection? between the Indian, Latin, Sri Lankan and African cultures over an eclectic fusion of salsa, soca and traditional Sri Lankan and Indian Classical music blended with hip-hop on the album as well. Examples of such artistic vision and production can be felt through tracks such as the sultry ?Calor de La Salsa? and the DeLon-introduction ?Music 4 Da Soul?.

Born and raised in L.A. but reared in Sri Lankan and Latin values and culture, rapper DeLon has challenged the ?commonality? of rap today. His Sri Lankan/Latin decent has already created a base sense of curiosity amongst his rapping peers, and this is only heightened by his uncommon lyrics and highly entertaining performance style. DeLon, a natural born artist perfected the art of being a performer at the age of 12. It?s a miracle this young multicultural rapper had any links to hip-hop being that he was restricted from television, radio and any other outside interferences as young boy. But once introduced to the genius lyrics of the late hip-hop legend Notorious B.I.G he knew that writing, producing and performing was his passion and calling.

?My purpose is to bring unity amongst people and to educate them through my lyrics.?
The rap world is saturated with rappers that speak of money, hoes, and clothes. I?m attempting not to make that my focus. Granted everyone knows that those lyrics sell, but I?ve presented a way to make music without focusing on those worn-out issues?, stated DeLon.

As a participant of the renowned School Entertainment & Activities Program (SEAP) tour, a 30-year-old Los Angeles-based program that has helped launch the careers of everyone from Usher to Destiny?s Child, DeLon was able to perfect his craft, establish a fan base of close to 10,000 people and become one of the most highly requested artists to date.

One of DeLon?s musical goals is to provide both the culture of hip-hop and the true aficionado with an alternative to the commercial nature of rap today as a conscious artist. His only request is that you listen whole-heartedly and ?If it?s real to you, it?s real?. DeLon?s album is available online at www.cdbaby.com

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