Films With Strong Impact

New cinema from Argentina, November 17 - 20

By Consulate of Argentina
Published on LatinoLA: November 1, 2005

Films With Strong Impact

The Consulate General and Promotion Center of the Argentine Republic in Los Angeles is proud to announce its upcoming, fourth ?Argentina New Cinema? series that will be held from Thursday, November 17, through Sunday, November 20, 2005, at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood.

Argentine Cinema?s long-lasting comeback continues, with its films having a strong impact in the international festival circuit. New generations of filmmakers join those graduated from the new film schools founded in the early nineties and others that have made for the worldwide triumph and U.S. art house hits like ?Nine Queens? and ?Son of the Bride,? and critical raves for titles like ?Valentin,? and ?The Holy Girl,? among others.

With the success of the Argentina New Cinema series for three years in a row, we're thrilled to be back with another impressive line-up of LA premieres, including ?El Perro? (The Dog); a new Federico Luppi-starrer (?Cronos?) about the extents of a grandfather?s sense of family duty, ?El Viento? (The Wind); ?Las mantenidas sin sue?o? (Kept Women Without Dreams) a topical, riveting mom-and-daughter subject directed by Martin De Salvo and Vera Fogwill; ?Deuda? (Debt), a painstaking documentation on the causes of Argentina?s foreign debt; ?Hermanas? (Sisters), directed by Julia Solomonoff, noted for her work in Carlos Sorin?s ?Historias Minimas;? ?La suerte est? echada,? the clever film debut of noted producer Sebastian Borensztein and ?Palermo Hollywood? a gritty, unflinching urban youth drama directed by Eduardo Pinto.

Be sure not to miss our surprise screening Saturday night! Also not to be missed is our festival crowd-pleaser series closer for this year, ?Cama Adentro? (Live-In Maid), a moving story about the bonds between two middle aged women, starring Academy Award? Nominee Norma Aleandro,

El Perro 2005 | Thursday, November 17 - 7:30 PM
The Dog
Director: Carlos Sorin, Venevision | 97 min. - Color

Juan Villegas worked in a gas station for the past twenty years. Once the business is sold off, the new owners decide to "modernize" and he gets fired.

Unemployed and without clear prospects, Juan never loses his sense of solidarity, when helping a vehicle broken down in a desert road. He is paid back with a bulldog. And his luck turns. He is now flattered for his new dog, and Juan, as his owner, feels entitled to some of this adulation.

He is then contacted by an exhibition trainer, and in the first challenge, the animal wins an honorable third place. Celebrating at a restaurant, Juan also meets what he sees as a very attractive singer, and feels on cloud nine. Soon, however, Juan will realize that instincts can also be used against you.

El Viento 2005 | Friday November 18 - 7:30 PM
The Wind
Director: Eduardo Mignona, Retratos | 97 min. - Color

After burying his daughter Ema at the Piedra Clavada cemetery, Frank Osorio heads to Buenos Aires for the first time, to visit his granddaughter Alina and let her know about the death of Ema, her mother, with whom she was estranged for a year over the fact that, as Ema?s biological offspring, Alina ignored her father?s identity. Graduated as a pediatrician a year before, at first blush, Alina?s future is promising.

Frank, however, did not travel to Buenos Aires to talk about Ema?s death. Gruff, curt, and suspicious, almost rash in his lack of manners, there is two great secrets he will inevitably reveal: the first, related to her father?s identity, and the second, to a, crime. In the film?s seven days span, the grandfather?s presence will shake up Alina?s everyday life, and due to some hidden letters, will face up to the facts about her life and feelings.

Las mantenidas sin sue?o 2005 | Friday November 18 - 10:00 PM
Kept & Dreamless
Director: Mart?n De Salvo and Vera Fogwill, Primer Plano Film Group | 93 min. - Color

Buenos Aires, 2002: Eugenia, a charming nine-year-old, and Florencia, who is perhaps too young to be a mother, seemed to have switched roles for a while.
Eugenia has not only herself to look after, but also her mom, or rather, she has to look after her crippling drug addiction.

And although Florencia?s mother helps with their financial situation, she was emotionally detached from her daughter for quite a few years.

An intimate portrait of the unreliability of addicts, even if it is a mother trying to kick off the habit for good, and a daughter who thinks she knows best- if only she were in her mother?s shoes -and the quite extravagant group of friends and neighbors around them.

Deuda 2005 | Saturday November 19 - 4:00 PM
Director Jorge Lanata and Andr?s Schaer, Buena Vista International | 90 min. - Color

Renowned pioneer of a new brand of investigative journalist in Argentina?s print and broadcast media, this is Jorge Lanata?s debut on the silver screen as writer, director and protagonist of a movie about what can be defined as this country?s great ?karma?: Its foreign debt.

It all began when an extremely poor eight-year-old girl, B?rbara Flores, cried on Lanata?s national TV show. The testimony shook up the entire country, unleashing an intense juggernaut of politicians and the media, with headlines about the thousands of undernourished living in a country once thought to be ?the world?s grain reserve.?

The film tells a frantic chase after those responsible for that cry for help. Washington D.C., Buenos Aires, Tucum?n, Punta del Este and Davos, Switzerland, are some of the points along the way of a tangled web where local corruption feeds off international bureaucratic apathy.

Hermanas 2005 | Saturday, November 19 - 6:30 PM
Director Julia Solomonoff, Latido | 88 min. - Color

Directed by ?Silver Condor?* nominee Julia Solomonoff (HISTORIAS MINIMAS), it stars
Natalia Levin (Ingrid Rubio) as an Argentinean reporter living in Spain, who reunites with his sister Elena (Valeria Bertucelli) for the first time in nine years after the night in 1975 when she fled into exile. Elena is now a Texas resident, where a multinational corporation has hired Sebastian, her husband. The memory of those still unclear events is as fresh in Natalia?s mind as on the day when she left the country.

Elena tries to bury her sorrowful memories in the garden of the ?American dream.? In their reunion, both sisters have to face the truth with open eyes and open hearts. "Hermanas" is a story about displacement, about the need to recover one?s identity through memory. It is also a film of contrasts. Two cultures, two languages, two very different decades: the seventies? and the eighties?, Argentina and the United States, the intense passions and '70s violence in Argentina against the comfortable stability and apparent calm of the Republican?s U.S. apogee of the '80s.

El aura 2005 | Saturday, November 19 - 9:00 PM
The Aura
Director Fabi?n Bielinsky, Celluloid Dreams | 138 min. - Color

Competing for the Altadis-New Directors Award and the Montblanc Award for New Screenwriters.

El aura narrates in first person the hallucinating voyage of an introverted taxidermist with a strange obsession: he has spent his recent years planning and imagining perfect assaults. Far from his city habitat in the distant Southern forests to which he has gone for a day?s hunting, a tragic accident unexpectedly offers him the chance to commit a real crime: to jump an armoured truck carrying the takings from a local casino. Moved by morbid curiosity, and later by an inexorable flow of events, the taxidermist sees himself thrown into his fantasies, piece by piece completing a puzzle irremediably encircling him. And he does it while struggling with his greatest weakness: epilepsy.

Saturday, November 19 ? 9:30 PM ? 11:00 PM
Argentine Short Film Showcase (Spielberg Theatre)

For more information, titles and credits go to: www.americancinematheque,com or www.consuladoargentino-los angeles.org

La suerte est? echada 2005 | Saturday 19 - 11:15 PM
Director: Sebastian Borensztein, Buena Vista International | 97 min. - Color

Unfortunately, Felipe is thought as an actor that brings back luck, and there is nothing he can do about it, to the point where he becomes convinced of this, after his fruitless efforts to shake this off prove unsuccessful. Meanwhile, his half-brother Guillermo is fired from his job and dumped by his girlfriend, and his father, V?ctor learns he has a cerebral tumor that will quicken his demise in a few days? time. His father?s illness reunites the brothers once more to take care of a certain last wish. For Felipe and Guillermo the request forces them to face up to their own situation and find out whether this is their final destiny. Film debut of producer Boresztein, whose successful local TV shows in Argentina include ?Tiempo Final? (Final Hour), also son of the late Argentine comedian Tato Bores. With Paola Krum, Leticia Br?dice and Julieta Cardinali..

Palermo Hollywood 2005 | Sunday, November 20 - 5:00 PM
Director: Eduardo Pinto, Warner Bros. | 113 min. - Color

Buenos Aires, circa 2002, corrupted by the events of December ?01 and the nation?s subsequent debacle, Pablo and "El Ruso,? two small time thiefs, remain best friends.
As the country goes through one of its worst crisis, the two friends have their own stories. Despite different social backgrounds, they help each other out by going through small burglaries that help Pablo to keep his family together, and free Mario from his.
Julieta, Pablo?s sister, wishes to become part of the Placita Serrano gang where the kids belong.

Hot summer nights, a nation in crisis, and some false moves, take these characters to the very extremes of a life already on the edge.
An " Fin de Siecle Urban Tragedy," "Palermo Hollywood" paints a stark portrait of a country in flames, a historic time and the story of two friends trying to forge a path for themselves.

Cama adentro 2005 | Sunday, November 20 - 7:30 PM
Live-In Maid
Director: Jorge Gaggero, Aqua Films | 85 min. - Color

Beba (59) was once a lady of means, the owner of a cosmetics shop, but today she works as a traveling saleswoman. Her thick golden earrings and Dora, her maid, are the last remnants of a loss of status that she still resents. Dora (51), who had come from the Chaco province to the big city when she was 17 to be a ?live-in? maid at Beba?s, has since built with her savings a small house in a Buenos Aires suburb. Dora cannot finish the home because Beba owes her six months? salary.

Tired of empty promises, and ready for the challenge of life on her own, Dora quits her job. Beba pleads for time to pay off the debt, trying to dissuade her, hinting at an edgy relationship marked by class prejudice, power games but also by the affection of three decades living together.

When all efforts to retain her fail, Beba finally settles the debt and Dora leaves for her suburban home, to Miguel, her live-in bricklayer/home sitter and his wife.
While in Beba?s apartment power and the telephone are cut off for lack of payment, at Dora?s, her dealing with the bricklayer don?t work out. Beba decides to rent her place out in order to pay off her debt, so she takes her furniture to Dora as a gift, but Beba recognizes she has nowhere to go and Dora offers her a chance to live together again.

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