Cholo means more than a gangster

By L Poeta
Published on LatinoLA: November 1, 2005


Yo soy un cholo,
Pero no estoy solo.
Porque hay millions out there,
Just like me.

Stuck between

Two different worlds,
Two different scenes.
Trying to figure out,
Who they want to be.

Stuck Between

Those foos who forget,
And reach the American Dream.
Of having infinite money,
But no ancestory.
Those who accept,
But constanly get stepped.
Because they want to be fiel,
To their given piel.

But Yet

There are the ones,
Who truly don't know.
And that when you get,
Another Cholo


Que puede ser,
Mas mejor.
Teniendo dinero,
O teniendo corazon

Maybe both

A deep understanding,
De dos mundos.

El del Gabacho,
Y el del Latino.
And that when you get,
Truly pensativo.

"Que e yo perdido,
Through this Choloization?"
Nothing except,
Your wetback status.

About L Poeta:
I was born on Febuary 1st 1988 in Los Angeles. Both my parents are Mexican. I am currently trying to finish high school and have begun a program at school raising awareness of our diverse cultures. You can reach me with comments at blokosun@aol.com.

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