A Message to My Mother-in-law

To a strong mujer that has gone through struggles

By Mia Soto-Arzola
Published on LatinoLA: November 9, 2005

A Message to My Mother-in-law

First time meeting his family
I was nerviosa to meet his mother
Not knowing what she was like
Thinking I need to be on my best behavior
Saying the right things, making sure i did not forget
my buenas costumbres
will she like me? will she hate me? will she say,
"I'm not the right one for her mijo"
so many things going through my mente
then it happened..... nos conosimos
him with a big smile on his face taking me home
for the first time
introducing me to his father
his hermana
and then she walked in from the cocina
I thought- wow! this mujer is awesome
I made jokes, she laughed
I cried, she hugged me
confused - not being able to undertand this man
who is her son.
Not being biased, she gave me advice
I was worried and you were there to comfort me
helped me get dressed on the day i was going
to marry your mijo
Thank you for letting me be part of your life
Thank you for making me part of your familia
I thank you for the man i married
you are a great part of our vidas
I need you to know that I am not taking your mijo from you
I'm just an extra plate on your table during the holidays
You have always given good advice
a strong mujer that has gone through struggles
an honest mujer
without a doubt loving... not only with your familia
but have given me some of that love especially when i
need it the most.
It breaks my heart to see you sad,
I want to scream and stand up for you
I want to fight for you
It hurts me to see you hurt
I need you to know that i respect you for the woman you are,
The mother that cry's for her family and her hijos
The loving abuelita that you are
For the mother-in -law you are to me...
You are the true meaning of what a mother-in-law is and should be

I dedicate this to you.......
With respect y mucho cari?o
Your daughter-in-law

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