Stuck in the Middle

in love......

By Mia Soto-Arzola
Published on LatinoLA: November 13, 2005

Stuck in the Middle

I don?t know how to feel I don?t know what to say
I?m tired of the lies, the hurt, and the anger.
I know that I have only to blame myself for the way you are feeling
For your actions.
Do I deserve to continue getting hurt?
We are lovers, we are friends
We share in one another?s life
We should have no secrets between us
No lies
Yet I continue to ask myself the same question
What to do?
I?ve been put in a very difficult place in my life
Do I stay?
Do I try to make things work?
Do I choose you?
Do I choose them?
So many life?s have changed because of these actions that
In the long run you only hurt me
I was the one not ?playing the game?
And I?m the one that ?lost?
I?m confused
I?m angry
I?m embarrassed
I?m hurt
So many thoughts going through
My mind and I don?t know where to start
I?m stuck in the middle
You are the person I chose to be with
Do I deserve to be feeling this way
Yet I can?t seem to let go.
I love you
Please tell me why I should stay
Or should I go?
Through thick and thing
But I?m feeling like it?s wearing me down
I?m stuck in the middle
I don?t know what to do?
My heart says ?stay and give you one more chance?
But my pride says walk away
What to do
I?m stuck in the middle
Just remember that I love you???

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