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Comedy set in ELA auto accessory center wraps production

Published on LatinoLA: November 10, 2005

Custom Made

'X & J Customs', a Picante Pictures 'dramedy' television project , has just wrapped production on location at A & G Custom Sounds, East Los Angeles' largest auto accessory center. With a writing team led by veteran television showrunner Bentley K. Evans (MARTIN, THE JAMIE FOXX SHOW), the production hosts an ensemble cast of Hollywood Latino stars, including Efren Ramirez (pictured) (NAPOLEAN DYNAMITE), Imagen Award nominated actress Patricia Rae (MARIA FULL OF GRACE) and celebrated Latino stand-up comedian Luke Torres (SPACE JAM). Additional script contributions were penned by veteran scribe Rick Najera, whose much anticipated LATINOLOGUES recently opened its Broadway run under the direction of comedy superstar Cheech Marin.

Set in a successful auto-detailing/customization shop, 'X & J Customs' provides a highly entertaining glimpse into the burgeoning Urban Latino landscape. Efren Ramirez stars as comic foil 'Puppet' to shop owner 'Javier Sanchez,' played by Torres. Rae appears as 'Rosalee,' Javier?s sassy wife and business partner.

Picante Pictures, one of South America's top film/television production companies, recently sealed a substantial deal with RedeTV (Brazil's fastest growing open-TV network) selling a new batch of 13 episodes of their hit TV show 'Mano a Mano,' an American-style Afro-Brazilian sitcom. The company intends to expand its market from South America to the US with a handful of films and TV projects already in development, including a feature biopic of East LA boxer Oscar de la Hoya and a sitcom based on the life of Puerto Rican rocket scientist-turned-comedienne Shayla Rivera.

Adapted from the critically acclaimed television series 'Mano a Mano', 'X & J Customs' is tailored to an English-speaking Latino and crossover audience. "The Urban Latino culture has long been prevalent in LA, Chicago, Miami, New York, Houston and a host of other major cities, but as new immigrants continue to settle in less traditional Latino-populated areas across the country we are seeing it move more into the national mainstream," comments show producer David Morales.

With 'The George Lopez Show' entering its fifth successful year on ABC, and newcomer 'Freddie,' (starring Freddie Prinze, Jr.) invading primetime, networks and cable channels are allocating more space for innovative Latino-themed entertainment.

"With the combination of our talented cast and writers, and the obvious need for a more multi-cultural show that can appeal not just to Latinos but other ethnicities as well, we think that 'X & J Customs' has something special that will interest all potential broadcasting outlets: there is nothing like it anywhere on TV," affirms Morales.

'X&J Customs' is currently in post-production. Preparing for Pilot season, the show is expected to be completed and available for network presentation by the end of November.

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