A Paradise Trek to Tejas

Texas welcomes Frankie Firme & crew with open arms

By ~ DHOC ~
Published on LatinoLA: November 11, 2005

A Paradise Trek to Tejas

Hearing the news that our good friend Frankie Firme and his posse were going to ride into Tejas. The anxiety of teaching los Tejanos what true Chicanos are made of, made me jump out of my skin. Andale, I thought vamos a ensenarle a los Tejanos some true Chicanos.

With class and smooth finesse, these fine gentleman will be representing California at its finest....

Uniquely structured, de corazon, con inteligencia, great pride and a heart for the arts. These KatZ are gonna bring the sights and sounds of Paradise to a few evenings under the HOT Tejas sun. Be ready to sweat in those zoots my friends. There?s no heat like Texas heat and as soon as you get here, you?re gonna sizzle the atmosphere even more.

One of the many great things I like about mi gente de Califa. They have a strong bond to support one another, they flock to see our heros, James Edward Olmos, Monctezuma Esparza, Cheech Marin, George Lopez, and so many other artists that have not forgotten our struggles. They give respect to those who deserve respect, they reciprocate their concern for one another and show it by their actions....

And that?s why they have chosen to bring Paradise to Tejas. Because these people will spend their last dime on significance, culture, and tradition. They will join forces to conjoin those uniquely diversified sounds that absorb the Chicano in all parts of the nation. For with the Chicano, there is no state border, no confined entity that sets them apart. They are blood born, they are PROUD, They are CHICANOS!

So bring it on Frankie, you and all your clan...... Sprinkle it with dazzle, gems, and pizzaz.... Because Tejas is gonna make your stay the best in all the land....

About ~ DHOC ~:
DHOC simply conveying a warm welcome to special guests Frankie Firme, Pepe Marquez, Steven Chavez, and Ruben Molina! maryanngonzalez@lycos.com

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