Looking At Me

The hope of love

By Roxanne Acosta
Published on LatinoLA: November 19, 2005

Looking At Me

As you looked at me I noticed the half smile on your face. You looked content, but wondering. Were you thinking ?What is it about this woman that has me in this craze?? Or maybe you were just happy and for that moment you realized that just maybe it?s possible to be loved and in love again. Even though you?ve been through life?s ups and downs, you thought you had enough of ?love? because it never really satisfied you, maybe it is possible to love again. Sometimes we go through the motions just so we can find out what being really happy is. Not a test but an experience. You take it with you to the next experience and these ?knick knacks? that we collect, we sort through them and try to let go of the ones we really don?t need. Not really forgetting them, but letting go so we can take the ones that have meaning with us. The ones that help make us who we are and will help us through the next experience. We collect the good and the bad so we can grow. Then we realize that there is still lots of love to give and receive. So keep looking at me with those beautiful eyes that way. I love the way it makes me feel, the hope that our lives can find happiness and love, keep looking at me? and maybe? just maybe, I can turn that half smile into a full one.

About Roxanne Acosta:
I'm a 36 year old, single, mother of two. I like to write my feelings and thoughts on paper.

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