Tortilla Factory to Tour

Texas Chicano music spreads throughout the U.S.

By Tony Ham Guerrero
Published on LatinoLA: November 19, 2005

Tortilla Factory to Tour

I've always considered the entire state of Texas our backyard, because whatever city we went to we have friends and they all know us through our recordings. Somtimes as entertainers we don't take everything we do as all that important because we love performing and entertaining our people no matter what state we're in.

Now that the years have come and gone and by the good graces of God, Bobby Butler "EL Charro" Negro and myself are still around I'm beginning to to understand the love and the admiration so many people have for us. I'm of course referring to the Texas Chicano Band "Tortilla Factory".

This past weekend Bobby Butler got inducted in the Tejano Roots Hall Of Fame, the one and only African American to achieve Legendary status in Texas/Chicano music circles. I have finally realized that all of the southwest part of the U.S.A. and the midwest, northwest,and as far across as the east coast, we have fans we didn't even realize.

That's how naive we were back in the day, just traveling and performing and having lots of fun bringing the party to the people whether it was Austin, Texas or Los Angeles, California. We never thought we would wind up in some Hall of Fame or that people would write about us or that documentarians would be wanting to film us for their archives.

I do know this much: "Tortilla Factory" is getting ready to tour again and in this volatile and brutal business known as the Entertainment Biz we don't know how we will do. The one fact that still remains intact is that we are not a Tejano cumbia band, Reggae-ton, Norte?o style, Banda, Duranguese, Rappero, Baladista, Hybrid, or any of the other styles coming out of Texas that has contributed to the confusion of what Texas/Tejano/Chicano music is anymore.

We will in fact be ourselves, which is a "Texas Chicano Band" from the Seventies with our own unique signature sound. And we still have the love and desire to perform our music. For the fans all across the country encouraging us to perform again, thank you.

For the new Fans we will reach get ready to hear a sound you've never heard because there are no other bands like "Tortilla Factory" out there today. To my carnal Frankie Firme, thank you for coming to the Tejano Hall of Fame inductions. California was well represented with your presence and also with Pepe Marquez and Steven Chavez.
To all the Chicanos in California and the rest of Aztlan, we have never stopped loving you and we hope to see you soon in 2006.

About Tony Ham Guerrero:
Tony "Ham" Guerrero, Trumpet Player,Band Leader,Music Producer, Singer,and all around Vato Loco from Austin Texas, by way of San Angelo Texas.

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