Aztlan Fest 2002

The wickedly unique amalgam of musical genres returns to LA

By Mariluz Gonzalez
Published on LatinoLA: May 31, 2002

Aztlan Fest 2002

Once again, Aztlan Fest will present a diverse mosaic of uncompromising talent and effort never before witnessed on the same stage.

This year's third annual event, Aztlan Fest 2002, will feature extreme sports attraction Lucha Libre (Mexican wrestling), featuring 'El Super Pocho Loco Half Time Show,' which will dazzle the crowds. Aztlan Fest 2002 will unite a wickedly
unique amalgam of musical genres such as neo-traditional punk, hopped-up
fusion rock, hard-core, nu-metal, ska, hip-hop and electronica in an all-day
festival ambiance.

The Los Angeles show staging will consist of two stages interestingly named
"Pyramid of the Sun" and "Mictlan The Underworld'"-- two opposing cultural marvels
that together will unite a crowd of frenzied music fans.

Who's playing:

Agony - Colombian export. "The music can best be described as heavy as hell
with a definite tribal groove to it" - Rock City News. http://www.agonyreborn.com
Featuring, Louie Mayorga, ex-original bass player for Suicidal Tendencies.

Almalafa - Direct from Tijuana this eight-piece ensemble has developed
a well-crafted sound, which blends Afro-Latin with reggae, danz?n, world beat
and ska, coated with inspiring male and melodious female vocals.

Ankla - A musical hybrid of hard-core-metal and tropical fusion featuring
'Ramon' ex- Puya.

Audio Karate - Melodic punk from Montebello, this band is ready to show their
chops with a newly released album titled Space Camp out on Kung Fu Records
(owned by Joe Escalante -The Vandals). http://www.kungfurecords.com

Bye Sami - Festival alum Bye Sami (formerly Los Alex) from Tijuana are ready
to spread their energetic-melodic-punk in Espa?ol sounds as they end their
first leg of their California Tour. Bye Sami is hot out of the Baja scene
with a newly released album entitled Otro Dia Mas, on newcomer Los Angeles
based indie label SourPOP Records. http://www.sourpop.net

DJ MarchroniCO - Direct from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, spinning wild
loops and beats.

DJ International Playboy Zen - Sonic 360, La Lecha, Nortec sound new Latin wave

Epidemia - Direct from Modesto one of the truly hottest Nu-Metal in Espa?ol
bands around. Fast, furious, and with an overdose of incisive socio-political
commentary this band will assault your senses.

Flattbush - Festival alum favorites return to deliver a spitfire set of noise metal. Flattbush truly represents the cultural diversity the band is composed of two Filipinos, one Anglo and a Chicano out of Wilmington, Califas (hometown of El Editor!). http://www.flattbush.com

Garrobos - Direct from the entrails of Mexico City comes a hard-hitting thrash metal band. http://www.garrobos.net

Horny Toad - Out of the Santa Monica/Venice Beach area, the band is heavily laden with a California influence. For the most part, the songs are all about skating and snowboarding, women and liquor. A party band, Horny Toad depicts a fun and carefree idealism, completely immature and always having a good time.

Nocturne - Some people refer to them as the Mexican Marilyn Manson. You be the
witness of this Black Metal band from East Los. http://www.nokturne.8k.com

Plankton Man - Nortec Mexican sounds.

Slowrider - In support of their newly-released album Nacimiento, this East Los collective will make the house dance to their musical cocktail of rhythms: jazz-soul, galactic funk, space-rock, and hip-hop with Bilingual lyrical content filled with spirituality and politics. www.slowrider.com

The Ugly Percent - Making music for almost 12 years shows that the Ugly
Percent is not making music for the dollars but rather for change. "People
have children as old as we've been making music. You can say this is our

Tuerca - East Los presenting hard-core metal rapids.


Mutilacion (E.L.A.Thrash Metal); Mynalter (Nu-Metal from Stockton);
SilverPill (Bilingual HC from Dallas at httpwww.silverpillband.com); Left Alone
(punk-ska); Double Agent (ska-core); Cafeina (ska-punk); Schizm (punk); and The
Vomits (punk).

DJ List - The Curator (firecracker, bullet proof sound); Paulski (hip-hop-downtempo); Edoardo Chavarin (NACO), and DJ Tianguis


Featured wrestlers: El Hijo del Santo y Misterioso, Profeta, Huracan Ramirez, Principe Unlimited , Rosa Salvaje, Acero Dorado, Profeta II, Piloto

WHEN: Saturday June 8, 2002
TICKETS Tix $20 pre-sale and $20 at the gate. Tickets available at
Ticketmaster and participating Tower Records, The Wherehouse, Ritmo Latino, &
Robinson's/May and at the Grand Olympic Auditorium Box Office Monday through
Friday from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM. To charge tickets by phone please call
213-480-3232 or buy online at www.ticketmaster.com
VENUE: Grand Olympic Auditorium-Parking Lot, 1801 S. Grand Ave., Los
Angeles, CA 90015

About Mariluz Gonzalez:
Mariluz Gonzalez is a publicist and heads SourPop Records.

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