The Secret of a Successful Woman

Start to measure your success in terms of what you learned that day

By Maria Mar
Published on LatinoLA: November 26, 2005

The Secret of a Successful Woman

What makes a successful woman? Success, as with love, is a very difficult concept to define because it's subjective and each person will give it his or her own meaning.

For and actress, for example, it's winning an Oscar. For an overweight woman, it'd be to lose weight. For a mountain climber, to get to the top of Mount Everest, while for a pickpocket, it would be to steal wallets without being caught.

What does success mean to you? Having a good job and earning a lot of money? Finding your prince? Having a beautiful family and living in the home of your dreams? Being able to give your children the best education? Maybe having a great body and looking like a model is what success means to you.

We tend to measure our success in accordance to what we've achieved or accumulated. If we have a big house, drive a great car, own expensive jewelry, have received several trophies or awards, then we feel we are worth a lot and are SUCCESFUL!

It's normal to wish for all of those things. Part of being a human being is to want to be better, to want more, be it more money, health, love, wisdom, fame or beauty.

However, thinking that your success in life is defined by your achievements or how many material possessions you own, then that is the easiest way to lower your self-esteem and feel like a failure.

There are many women whom we would consider "successful," however, they wouldn't see themselves in the same way. An example of this was the rich, famous and beautiful actress Marilyn Monroe. She had everything, but ended up committing suicide. Why then, a woman who had money, fame and beauty felt like a failure while a woman like Mother Teresa felt victorious?

There is a prevalent metaphysical truth professed by wise men, philosophers and mentors thousands of years ago, in all of the biggest spiritual traditions in the world. This universal principle says that the purpose of life is to learn and grow spiritually. Note that it doesn't say that your purpose is to accumulate things, earn a lot of money or travel the world before you die. No!

It means that if you have a hard day at work or at home today, and you were more understanding and loving to that person you don't have much patience for, then it was a successful day for you because you grew spiritually.

If you were able to resist temptation and say no to that food that isn't good for you, feel successful because you grew as a human being. If you took time for yourself and put yourself first, then it was a triumphant day because you grew as a woman.

Start to measure your success in terms of what you learned that day or how much you grew as a human being, if you do it, you will feel fulfilled and happy. If today you show compassion for someone else, if you learn something about yourself, feel good because that is a successful woman!

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