To Gwen, With Love, But I Don't Dig It

Not digging the chola look

By Susana Sanchez
Published on LatinoLA: December 8, 2005

To Gwen, With Love, But I Don't Dig It

TO Gwen, with love, but I don't dig it

love your style, love your make-up, love your platinum hair.

I dig

from '50s retro to ghetto kool

gothic lettering

I dig

Saw you at Billboard awards

See you are channeling Frida Kahlo.

I dig.

However I must object

To one of your latest fashion styles

A faux pas

On your video I see


Three MI VIDA LOCA dot tatoos on your eye

Not digging it

Not kool


A Cholo killed my brother.

My brother, my 22-year-old brother Ari

A Cholo shot and killed him

For no reason

On a Sunday Morning (MAY 2, 2004)

It came without any warning

I thought I'd let you know

And you are dressing like one

Because it's kool?

Not digging it

You are a role model

A cholo- not a role model

Don't represent a killer

Not trying to boycott yo shhhhhh**

'Cause that be b-a-n-a-n-a-s

But MY mother doesn't dig

She cries

She cries 'till she can't cry no more

Sometimes I cry

Sometimes my lil' sis, tio, tia, primo cry

My abuelita, she cries too

Don't rep a drug dealer

Because you are GWEN





That's what you are

Living luxuriously

Not digging the chola look

Hope ya' dig?

'Cause I know we're cool

A fan,

Susana Sanchez

About Susana Sanchez:
Susana Sanchez attended East Los Angeles College and now lives in Hollywood, Florida where she is a designer at the South Florida Sun-Sentinel daily newspaper. She jet sets to L.A. whenever she can to see her brother.

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