Music, My Love, My Inspiration

My vinyl and 12 twelves

By Mia Soto-Arzola
Published on LatinoLA: December 14, 2005

Music, My Love, My Inspiration

Thinking of you all day..
Wanting to put my hands on your body
Caressing your skin with a light touch of my cheek
Thinking of the way I feel when??
I'm getting ready to go see you
Search for you
Your skin is dark chocolate
You're my temptation day in and day out
I long to put my hands around you
Thinking of the way you make my mouth
My hips sway from side to side
The beautiful thoughts you put through
My head
You make me feel like mmmmm.
Your grooves are beauty
You excite me in a every way possible
When I'm around you I know I'm home
I search for the perfect song.
My finger tips touch you
I take you in my arms gently like an antique
That I can't afford to drop.
You intice my every thought, my every move
Making my hips and lips move and sway
And finally it happens!
I grab you
Hold you in my hands for an instant
I lay you down on my 12twelves
'Cus you are the power of my being
You are the one that makes my lips move
And my hips sway from side to side
You are my one true love
You are music and my vinyl

Let the music take you where know man can take you
Like no man can make you feel.
Make your lips move
And your hips sway from side-to-side

Dedicated to DJ Mike Angelo.

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