A Sanctuary for Writers and Readers

LatinoLA has given us a wonderful place to share and express

Published on LatinoLA: December 14, 2005

A Sanctuary for Writers and Readers

Expression is one of the best talents God bestowed upon us. Reading has become one of my favorite pastimes that I have book-marked it in my favorites. Loving short pieces, I find comfort in reading what other people are feeling. My ideas stem from music but at times from melancholy feelings. You know, those that surface for no reason when it?s a bit cold and gloomy outside.

What usually moves my senses are phrases, pictures, music, and reading articles in LatinoLA. However, its human nature to wonder if you?re writing to an audience or not. However, not knowing whether your piece is being read is not a disappointment, because merely sharing is a reward in itself......

And for that same reason, I have chosen to express on pieces I have read:

As in Maria Reyna?s Brave Little Girl and A Poem: Today I Saw...... Her sister expressing that she didn?t have good childhood memories. She is appreciated more than she knows and a simple paragraph of gratitude will change her memories from bad to good. Gratitude and recognition relays what your hard work has done and just might become a sort of healing process to change her sister?s images to positive ones. A Poem: Today I Saw, etc..... A great eye-opening analysis....

As well as Abelardo de la Pe?a Jr's Tia Chuy piece..... Her strong loving spirit remain, most definitely left a lump in my throat.... A good relay of sentiments!

And my all time favorite and great friend, Frankie Firme?s Another Musical Weekend. The cool grandparents visiting the Santa Fe Swapmeets. En el Valle we call those "La Pulga" Another excellent piece to add to your immense list, my friend.

And there?s Al Carlos Hernandez?s Desk Jockeys..... Cubicle Zombie here.... Liked the word domesticated, is that a George Lopez thing (hehe) My favorite was when George used the word demasculinate. To date, I like using that in many ways. Thank you Al, for that insightful piece.

Liking Dena Burroughs? Benefit Success...... That totally sucks, my friend, not letting you eat in peace and treating you like second class.... Eeejo, RAZA! BUT.... Am glad you saw the positive side in helping out those needing help. Good piece my friend. Nothing wrong with speaking your mind.

Then there?s Virtual Chicanos Kudos to a fellow webmaster.... I too, know what you feel. Have done some pieces and go back and read and can?t see the clarity so I quickly e-mail Abelardo and say "WAIT, TAKE TWO" ON THE ONE PREVIOUSLY SUBMITTED..... Right Abelardo? Good work VC =)

Then came the Ayatola of Rock n? Rolla?s Trippin on what we been missing. Cool, he mentioned my name and gave me a heck of a compliment. Look at DHOC, she?s inflating like a balloon at a Macy?s Parade. Nomas le dicen something nice and she swells up.... Chiflada LOL! Thanks Ayatola, your piece rocked!

Continuing to read the poems, pieces, don?t wanna leave anyone out but can?t put them all in one piece, much less be finished by today...... Although they weren?t mentioned, I read them and am happy to say that it is a great feeling to be amongst some of the best writers! From politics to religion, sentiments to what nots. LatinoLA has given us a wonderful place to share and express and for that, I am extremely grateful.

Everyone above and Satisfaction, Mark Vallen, Mia Soto Arzola, Steven Chavez, Tony "Ham" Guerrero, Michael Lopez, Daniel Olivas, Jose Rodriguez, John D?Aquisto, Roberto Rodriguez, Juan Sifuentes, Jr., Fanny Garcia, Alejandro Diaz, Edward Estrada, Patrisia Gonzalez, Saul Landau, Ruthe Ann Tarletz de Molina, Brenda Salas, Javier Villanueva, Alejandro Diaz, Ramona Gonzales, and the list continues (too numerous to mention)... Keeping my fingers crossed so as not to offend anyone, if anyone person was left out - - - - - Keep up the good work people........

Til your words show up on my screen again,


Quote by DHOC....

Our associations aren?t brought on by a stroke of luck.... but that of an innate connection that ties us to one another... The writer, the poet, the journalist, the author.... All connected by a passion of power of expression...

About DHOC:
Allow me to introduce myself to each and everyone of you by directing you to: Stop by sometime to learn a little more about me :)

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