Chepito in 2006

The true & uncut story of an important member of the Santana band

By Fabian Almendarez
Published on LatinoLA: December 19, 2005

Chepito in 2006

I just read in a prestigious trade article that Michael Rojas Jr. is currentely interviewing Jose "Chepito"Areas a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and original member of the Santana Band. This is a rare look into the life of one of the most ingenious music makers. Chepito is the father of Latin Rock and a master timbalero, drummer and trumpet player and Michael Rojas Jr. is making sure that his story is told.

A full length DVD with new music and recordings by Chepito and his sons is currentely in the makings with the first footage already shot in San Fransico. Ready by X-Mass 06'.
Michael and his famed company ACE Productions Entertainment Group has already been getting tremendous attention and Hollywood is already knocking as DJ Tony Touch is offering his assistance, among many other to be named.

General Mills has worked with Rojas in the past and is interested in backing the project. This is amazing, the true story of one of the founding members of Santana. Remember Woodstock? Well, Chepito was there. Three kids were born there. This is a bio you don't want to miss. He talks about his life with Janis Joplan, Jimi Hendrix, and many others.

Rojas Jr., whose successful mother Herenia is from Nicaragua and famous father Mike Rojas is from Columbia, has a long line of entertainment credit, starting with his acting with CBS on a variety of show such as Simon & Simon, not to mention his very own solo album "I Will Survive" under the rap name Criminal ACE, on sale now at Tower Records or Cdbaby.com.

Rojas also is a graduate of ther prestigious Union Institute & University earning a BA in Marketing, and is currently working on geting his Master's.

Rojas is a founding silent partner of Primo Limo and the new Fiesta Limos in 2006' along with Edward Estrada, owner operator of the first Latino-owned Limo company providing VIP Limo services and more, to top entertainers, VIPs, and private events.

Mike Rojas Jr. also has a law degree and has a chain of successful, affordable law centers all accross California helping Latinos and other minorties get the legal help they need and a price they can afford. For more info, go to www.LosAngelesLegales.com

Keep your eyes on the lookout for the teal and Un-cut true story of the Santana band, hear and watch the rare and amazing footage of the timbal solo by Chepito Areas against Oristes Villiato in the last concert Chepito played with Santana in 1988. Wow, it's out of this world crazy! If you love Latin Rock or music this is the DVD for you.

Dont miss every Sunday, only on KJLA-LATV Prime Time @8 pm ?Adelante Hispanos! with host Mike Rojas Sr. Yes that's right, Michael's father has his very own TV show, which is extremely populer and powerful. Many entertainers have grace the stage of ?Adelante Hispanos! Go to www.MikeRojas.com for more infomation. Michael Rojas Jr.is the executive assistant and marketing consultant to the show and is currently working to book Jose "Chepito" Areas in 2006'

Legal Note:
This is a registered story, Michael Rojas Jr. Interviews Jose "Chepito" Areas (c)05
ACE Productions Entertainment Group all rights reseverd.

LatinoLA.com has permission to run story.

About Fabian Almendarez:
Mr. Fabian Almendarez,is a music expert/historian and is a fighter of Central American rights. Mr. Almendarez has consulted the Roosevelt Hotel, Universal Studios, CBS, Blockbuster and many more.

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