?Viva Latino Rock!

Our readers shout out their love for la musica alternativa

By Amigos de LatinoLA
Published on LatinoLA: June 6, 2002

?Viva Latino Rock!

Eduardo Arenas writes:
?Radio and other mainstream media does not incorporate conscious hip hop, metal, or other music with true words. Not only does this music open up the ears of the oblivious, but this music movement creates a space and a forum for cultural awareness, where raza unites and advances in many ways. Another main reason why I like conscious hip hop and metal is because it demonstrates that talent transcends color, race, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, etc. Its great seeing groups of people with little resources express themselves musically. Anyone can do it!!?

Pati Caballero writes:
?I love roc en espa?ol and hip hop because hearing the music in Spanish makes it very fresh. When I go to a roc en espa?ol concert or buy a CD I am always overcome with a feeling that I am in on something really special. I don't think that the English language can make you visualize the lyrics in the way that Spanish does.Whether we are from Argentina, Mexico, Spain or Peru, the common language really unites us.?

Joe Cumbe writes:
?I like alternative rock in espa?ol because it demonstrates the diversity that is our culture. We don't frown on multiculturalism, we embrace it. ? Y qu???

Frances Gines writes:
?Latino alternative music has a creative beat with a Latin twist, especially rock en espa?ol. One doesn't have to be a rocker to hear the variety of sounds and instruments. All it takes is having an appreciation for the Latin soul.?

Ana B. Acosta writes:
?I began to listen to Latin Alternative when I met my boyfriend, who has brought me back to my roots and made me aware that I should be proud of my heritage...not that I ever hid it but I just didn't pursue it. So now I listen to Rock en Espa?ol daily and I've been to all the Revent?n and the Viva party, and most concerts in between.?

Richard Esquivel writes:
?I like rock en espa?ol because it is like Latino LA calender. ?Es Muy Caliente!
It exposes us to the talents of different Latinos in music en nuestra cultura, y lenguaje.?

Rene Trujillo writes:
?My interest and fancination for alternative rock-en-espanol takes me back to the wave of music coming from DF. With Caifanes and Maldita Vencidad and especially Cafe Tacuba. These bands represent the hopes, fears and states of euphoria one attains by listening to there music. I cannot forget the initial reactions that took hold of me when I first heard 'Turtuga' by Caifanes. What a transcendental song about the plight of an animal. I feel these groups as well as the ones coming out today here in LA or across the universe trigger long repressed archetypes bury deep within our collective soul and sense for sound.?

Nidia Hernandez writes:
Well, the reason as to why I love the Spanish rock scene is that it is music that i can relate to. I especially love the Chicano punk-ska scene. I like supporting this scene because it hardly ever gets the recognition that it deserves. So the fact that I can identify to the songs makes me love Spanish rock.?

Lupita Ortega writes:
?I like rock en espa?ol because I grew up listening to my brother's music. I fell in love with the sounds of Caifanes every Saturday morning. He played Caifanes as he washed the cars outside. Spanish rock has always been a part of me. Rock en espa?ol combines indigenous sounds as well as contemporary sounds. As a Chicano Film Major, I enjoy listening to music that speaks the truth about daily life in Mexico and daily situations that Latinos face. For example, there are bands like Molotov who speak about the government in songs like ?Gimme the Power? and ?Voto Latino?. Other bands that talk about indigenous rights and pride are Juanes Jaguares, Caf? Tacuba, Manu Chao and some others. Right now I am really into La Gusana Ciega, Zurdok, and Jumbo. Spanish rock has always been an important part of me because I relate to it like no other music.?

Mserni writes:
?I ?discovered? Chicano rock for the first time about seven years ago when I attended an event called "In the Red". It was held at the old PRC in Highland Park and my friend's boyfriend was performing. I grew up in Highland Park but I wasn't really in touch with my heritage. I thought that the crowd I would find there would be rowdy cholos or the typical party crowds I was used to seeing at house parties. What I found impressed me so much that I was inspired to find out more. The music was meaningful, the people were intelligent and informed. I felt so unworthy to be there, but at the same time I felt welcomed. Since then I have been a supporter of Chicano music and events. I have searched for my roots and found pride and inspiration in not only who I am but who we all are, were, and will be. I have to thank the Chicano music scene for all of the treasures I have since discovered.?

Kamren ?Loca? Curiel writes:
I just wanted to say
while on the topic of Latino LA
that I love the feelin? i get
when listenin? to bands like Molotov, one of the guys, mind you, I met
that esta musica goes against popular opinion, the machine
just as bands like Rage do
It educates not only brown folk, but all people, about what's goin on
Most importantly, pointing out the injustices of society
Raising questions
Making the mind think, the body react
It's music not just from the heart and soul
but most beautifully, from the mind
This is why my ears listen to Latino music todo el time.?

Marianna Casta?eda writes:
?I like Latino alternative music because it shows another facet of our culture that doesn't necessarily fit in with the socio-political pundits' and marketing experts' concepts of what Latin ?culture? is like. This type of music shows that we can be vibrant, authentic and relevant in the modern sense, too.?

Julio Alcala writes:
?Que ondas pasan por el radio en estos dias,
like driving thru any street in america the radio serves u with fast food music.
La musica Chicano rompe cabezas como el spraypaint rompe la estatura de las paredes publicas.
Que viva la raza cosmica con la musica que rompe el aire plano. Ritmos llenos de sabores.?

Nidia Hernandez writes:
"Well, the reason as to why I love the Spanish rock scene is that it is music that I can relate to. I especially love the Chicano punk-ska scene. I like supporting this scene because it hardly ever gets the recognition that it deserves. So the fact that I can identify to the songs makes me love Spanish rock."

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