Fabulous Website: Informative, Entertaining, Interesting.

Thank you to the staff at LatinoL.A.

By Maria Reyna
Published on LatinoLA: December 22, 2005

Fabulous Website: Informative, Entertaining, Interesting.

I would like to take this opportunity to take a moment and thank all of you at LatinoLA for your hard work, and especially the person that edits my stories. Muchisimas gracias.

I'm a writer that can't spell. I have so many stories to tell.

This is a wonderful Forum for the Latino community of all walks of life to share and express our experiences, views and concerns, as well as our goals and visions for ourselves, our community, our nation and the world!

The power of unity and communication can move mountains and part seas and bring forth change.

Im not sure how I found your web site, but I did. I am a person that believes that coincidence is not always a coincidence.

To everyone that contibutes as a writer, poet, artist, etc., I wish you all the best in your endeavours and your passion at what ever point you may be.

Life is what we make it...make it the best!

I'm an old soul with a young spirit and have traveled far on my journey, and the best is yet to come.

I have begun my New Next LIFE!

I made a list of all the things I want to do in my next life and I realized that a lot of those things on my list I could still do in this life.

There's a saying, "If you don't like the story line, change the script."

Many changes have taken place for me this year!

This Year I learned how to forgive everyone that abandoned, neglected, hurt, abused, raped, used, lied, cheated, manipulated, decieved, criticized, put down, unappreciated and filled my head with doubt, who taught me to fear, hate and abuse myself.

You are forgiven.

I forgive myself for for all my past mistakes and wrong choices. I let go of resentment, grudges and hate that have burdened my heart for the past twenty-seven years. Done and over with.

This year I have lost over seventy pounds and have lowered my sugar level to normal.

I look and feel better than I've felt in a long time.

I am becoming the strong beautiful person I am meant to be.

I am painting, better

A Statistic No More

I have managed to crawl out of the dark deep hole I dug myself into
I am a Latina...a Woman..a single mother
An artist...a painter...a poet...a writer...a photographer
At one point a drop out...a teenage mom... a battered wife
A statistic...but that does not matter anymore
Things are not always what they seem
Nothing is absolute
Everything is a theory
We know what is right and what is wrong
We have all the answers inside of us
Trust your inner voice...gut feeling...intuition
I see beauty in ugliness and ugliness in beauty
I write what I feel from my heart
I paint from my soul
I photograph as I see the world

About Maria Reyna:
Maria Reyna- Varied Artist: Painter/Photographer, Poet/Writer,

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