Bush is an Idiot

Can you imagine where we?d be if he had some intelligence?

By Alberto Marrero Salas
Published on LatinoLA: December 23, 2005

Bush is an Idiot

All of us Democrats have to be thankful that George W. Bush is an idiot. The man can?t say "nuclear" and we have all laughed at his ?Bushisms?

We have had 10 consecutive quarters of economic growth. Unemployment is hovering between 4 to 5%, a historically low number. Interests rates are low and inflation is in check.

He lowered taxes, allowing the people to keep more of what they earn. The idiot thinks that people know what is good for them instead of having the government do it for them.

Gasoline ran up after Katrina but has in the last 8 weeks dropped almost a dollar per gallon. Even with all of the natural disasters the economy is growing.

He has tried to woo the minority vote by appointing the largest number of minorities in history to cabinets posts. Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez is Mexican American. Condi Rice the National Security advisor is being considered by many to run for either President or VP in 2008.

He tried to appoint Miguel Estrada to the Court of appeals, but we sure blocked that coconut!

Furthermore, as Bill Richardson (New Mexico) and Janet Napolitano (Arizona), both Democrats, proclaimed a state of emergency due to illegal immigration. W. Bush has asked for work permits for foreign workers. The idiot King George has stated such gibberish as ?Family values do not stop at the Rio Grande,? and calling the Minutemen ?Vigilantes?.

The idiot doesn?t realize that minorities need more affirmative action, welfare and special programs because they are not as intelligent as us white liberal Democrats.

His idiocy extends also to his political accomplishments. Bush beat us in two Presidential elections. The House and the Senate are controlled by his party. Bush has beaten his Democratic opponent in every election he has ever participated in.

He won by decision over Gore, he KAYOED Kerry and pulled a can of whup ass on Ann Richards when he ran for Governor of Texas.

The retard has nominated two Supreme Court Justices both who will be confirmed.

In Iraq he has a policy. What a jerk! We Democrats don?t have a policy, so we can be right no matter what happens!

Dean, the Democratic Party Chairman wants to sit with Zarkawi and sing Kumbaya. Lieberman, our vice presidential nominee in 2000 who ran against Bush, supports the President?s position. If we lose or win in Iraq, we the Democrats win! As John Kerry says, "I voted for the war before I voted against it!"

Those of us that have opposed the war in case we lose it have tried to present Iraq as a beautiful land of milk and honey before the ogre Bush attacked it. We have to tried to keep the discussion focused on only what is happening there right now.

Let us not get involved in talking about the fact that no one in modern history has killed more Muslims than Saddam Hussein. In the 8-year Iran-Iraq war, the estimated number of casualties surpassed two million. He invaded Kuwait. Massive graves have been found all over Iraq. Saddam slaughtered half a million marsh Arabs after Desert Storm in 1991-92.

Saddam fired SCUD missiles at Israel during the first Gulf war. He built the Osirak nuclear reactor that was destroyed in a daring air raid by our Israeli allies in 1981.
Chemical weapons? Saddam? How silly! The Kurds, he gassed Kurds? What?s a Kurd?

So we must press on and sell the concept of Iraq being a wonderful land full of peaceful people ruled by a fatherly Saddam Hussein, not the insidious police state that it really was.

In Iraq, there have been two free elections, the latest one with a 70% participation. The Sunnis are towing the line. Every month the Iraqi Army is getting stronger and more independent. These are the facts.

Intelligence is getting better. Al Queda is getting its butt kicked in Iraq and has not been able to launch and attack on American soil. Defending America is the first and most important job that a President has.

If by accident this works out we can always claim that we supported the idiot as regime change in Iraq, which has been US official policy since 1998 when Clinton was in the White House. If Bush wins, we win! If Bush, loses we win!

And finally we come to the most unforgivable sin of all committed by the idiot George Bush. HE DEFIED THE UN AND OUR EUROPEAN ALLIES!!

The French no longer love us. Bush failed to get the permission of Kofi Annan (whose son made a mint in the food for oil scandal) and the thugs (Oops, I mean member states) of the UN to defend the US.

How dare he! We should have the UN Commission on Human Rights investigate Bush. The commission includes such enlightened and liberal states as the Sudan (slavery, genocide in the Darfur), Cuba (criticize Castro, get 25 years in jail), Mauritania (slavery, forced female circumcision) and of course China (forced abortions, cultural genocide in Tibet, Sinkiang, Outer Mongolia).

I bet that if we can get the UN to stop passing resolutions against our ally, the State of Israel, just for a minute we can have the idiot George Bush reprimanded!

As John Kerry said during the debates we need a consensus before we can defend America so we don?t upset the UN or the French.

So there you have it. The economy is getting stronger. Bush has beaten us in every election he has participated in. His party controls both houses. He has nominated two Supreme Court justices and Iraq may work out.

Thank God for us Democrats that George Bush is an idiot! Can you imagine where we?d be if he had some intelligence?

(Dedicated to the late Fernando Oaxaca... we right wing nut jobs miss you)

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and blessings to all. (Including all you left wing radical commie hippies)

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