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Published on LatinoLA: December 23, 2005


What better poet and artist than Luis Miguel. Listening to his CD on my computer brought this piece to mind......

With his smooth voice and his beautiful face on the cover. They say its good to dream and my dream is that one day he?ll come to my rescue and sweep me off to Paradise. Hey it can happen (*wink*)! Not taking anything away from the love of my life, Luis Miguel is a dream, a fantasy, a feel so wonderful can?t get you out of my mind type of man. Bet Mariah Carey is kicking herself in the bootay right about now.

Have you ever listened to his voice? It picks you up and leaves you floating.... his refined voice serenades you to uncontrollable feel. His tone goes through you like a hot knife on butter. He?s the only man (well aside from my all time favorite Barry White) that can convince any woman to just about anything. Yes, anything. Sharing all my personal feelings, I wonder again what made me even begin this piece...... Well if you?ve ever lit candles, sat in a jacuzzi full of wonderfully golden bubbles while a Luis Miguel CD plays on your CD player, you know why.

Taking me back to my divorce (gosh, why am I saying this, maybe because its part of the point I?m trying to make). Where was I, oh yes, when I divorced my first husband (no I?ve only had two and the second one is DEFINITELY a keeper). Back to my point..... I rewarded myself to a trip to Monterrey, Mexico to attend a Luis Miguel concert and believe me, he?s got a fan for life. The only sad thing was, it was so DAMN ROMANTIC, I felt so lonely (tear, tear, sniff, sniff) there were so many couples holding each other. It was as though they were showing me what I was missing. But all in all, I had the time of my life. The stage was HUGE, the setting was BEAUTIFUL, and the props and the sound were PHENOMENAL!

Let me paint you a picture,

The concert began with beautiful orchestrated music...... and just as the music began..... The stage went totally dark and a dark curtain and a starlit background softly lit the stage.... It was one star, then two then four, then four hundred, all coming in sync with the what must?ve been a 100 piece orchestra. All the violins going in sync made it even more breathtaking... The audience was silently taken by the image and just then, a sheer like white curtain cloth appeared at the center of the stage with a bright light in the background and a winding staircase in the front and a silhouette of Luis Miguel in the background, made the crowd go wild! The screams and cheers were so much, I had to cover my ears...... And right at that moment, it hit me, I realized where I was..... I was instantly in tears. For I had waited for that moment for a long long time.... My friend Becky standing next to me hugged me and said.... You did it girl, you?re dream has come true.... I smiled and tried to hold back the tears to no avail..... And as soon as the curtain fell and Luis Miguel began singing and walking down the stairway, my tears turned to cheers and tears of joy. A river I think I cried, it was so breathtaking, I couldn?t help myself!

Being a short distance from the stage right behind Monterrey?s most elite..... The scene in front of me was a sight to see. The ladies were wearing beautiful evening gowns and the gentlemen were dressed in evening Tuxedo attire. Gosh, I thought as the waiters waited on them hand and foot..... must be nice to have so much money, clout, so much that you?re allowed to go up and touch the finesse-able Luis Miguel....

Not wanting to have a drink because I didn?t want to miss anything, I watched thirstily as the waiters poured champagne and brought glasses full of crisp wine to the guests in the VIP section. Looking over to my right, I saw people walking over and waiting in a long line for a drink. Nope, didn?t care how thirsty I was, I waited long enough to be there so I wasn?t about to be stuck in a line while the concert was going on. I didn?t care that my throat was dry from all the screaming, I was there and was not going to miss even a second of the event.

Singing all his beautiful hits which by the way I?ve got them all. A fan-atic is what you call me, I?ve got each and every CD Luis Miguel has ever recorded. Which he sang beautifully. Running back stage to change outfits, he went from an Armani suit singing the romantic Somos Novios, to No Se Tu, to El Dia Que Me Quieras, to Voy Apagar la Luz, Por Debajo de la Mesa, Contigo Aprendi, No me Platiques Mas, Entregate, I was in total rapture as he disappeared in a cloud of smoke only to return in a fashionable ?oh so hot? royal blue top three button unbuttoned shirt. He continued the concert singing Que Nivel de Mujer and so many danceable tunes. He had the crowd dancing, cheering to the point that he missed a few notes and thanked them as the audience continued with thunderous cheers.... Summoning them with a smooth hand gesture to quiet down...... He bowed til they were quiet, then he got up again, ran across the stage stopped and the background changed to a sky blue and his back up singers arose from under the stage wearing beautifully sequined very sexy dresses and as he pointed to them, he continued to sing Arena, Sol, y Mar and the crowd again went wild!

Finishing his set, covered in sweat, he disappeared from the stage..... Taking what seemed to me as only a 15 minute break, the stage went dark as the people cheered and clapped roarously, the women began screaming Luis Miguel, Luis Miguel for what seemed like an eternity.

A black curtain in the background, a reddish almost pink large spotlight focused on what looked like a 50 piece Mariachi, the trumpets and violins began as Luis Miguel came up from under the stage singing Si nos Dejan, and the crowd went crazy..... So crazy their screams and cheers were deafening! The people began to sing as Luis Miguel yelled his infamous phrase ?Mi Marachi....... It was absolutely fabulous!? I had never in my entire life seen a Mariachi that size.... The music made my chest swell up and at that point, I could not hold back the tears. My mind went back to my teen years and my 6 year career performing with a folkloric group. Thanks to my uncle the Director, I was able to perform for my grandfather several times and especially on his birthday before he passed away. I was choked up with emotion and the Mariachi music brought an image of him.... making it seem as though he was there with me, the feeling was so intense, I could feel his presence so close. Bringing his words to mind..... Nuestra musica viene del corazon. Por eso cuando la escuchamos, nos brota nuestro orgullo. I cried with such emotion, I was so overwhelmed...

Coming back to my senses, I wiped the tears and continued to enjoy the concert. But unfortunately just as soon as it had started...... Regretfully, it was over.... Stretching out his arms and making an almost cross like stance.... he dropped the mic, and the spotlight went off.... and the Mariachi continued solo.....

Cheering and screaming, the crowd began to chant.... Otra, Otra! To the point that they would not budge, even after all the lights were on and it for sure appeared like it was time to go, they would not give up..... Otra, otra they chanted! Then the spotlight came back on and Luis Miguel reappeared singing La Vikina and the crowd cheered so loud, it made my ears ring.... made me scared. I had never had a deafening experience before - - lasted about a minute or so.....

As he sang, the crowd began to sing along....... walking from one side of the stage to the other, he blew kisses and yelled, Mi Mexico..... Te Amo! Disappearing once again....

Gosh what a beautiful experience I thought..... Staying on a natural high for about a month. Luis Miguel......... Eres hermosura grandiosa! Gracias!

About DHOC:
MaryAnn (DHOC) Gonzalez simply sharing an experience of a lifetime.

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