I'm LOUD But No One Hears Me

My struggle to begin a cultural club at school

By LPoeta
Published on LatinoLA: January 4, 2006

I'm LOUD But No One Hears Me

It begin with a conversation in class,
It lead to a proactive stance.
We wanted change for our school,
Full of given ignorance.

It was sad to recognize,
That people don't know their past.
They just knew labels,
Which they are obligated to be connected to them.

I wanted to speak out,
I wanted to abolish ignorance.
But my comprehension of human nature,
Covered some reinserted consequences.

Some stereotypes that were perceived,
But were suddenly achieved.
By followers and charishers,
That were only there for labels.

It has gone from "we" to "I",
Cause no one truly cares.
I see myself as a solitary soldier,
For a better comprhension of ourselves.

I wanted to be LOUD,
But nobody hears me.
Cause silence is the eternal voice,
Of the blissfully ignorant.

There is no strong voice,
There is no union.
It seems that fun and money,
Will always be my peoples primary goal.

Neglecting the month,
Of begging to administrators.
Neglecting the hours,
Spent looking for information.

It seems struggles are futile,
When you are young.
So I must resign to a Life of,
Ignorance and Silence.

Until the time comes...........

About LPoeta:
Born and raised in Los Angeles. I attend Locke High School in Watts. I come from two immigrant parent from Michoacan. Contact me at rodriguezrs1988@aol.com

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